Save Me the Last Dance (1D love story)

This is no average Love story he’s her brother’s best friend and he wasn’t good enough for her but it doesn’t matter…

Avery being an irresponsible 17 year old falls for her brothers best friend…. Love that’s what they had and no one could break that.

He was her Romeo…

And Louis is crumbling to the floor knowing his sister will get hurt…
But he couldn’t stop his friend from making a move on his little sister

Because she was his Juliet…


1. Police Stations Pt: 1

Avery P.O.V:
I wasn't surprised when the police station called my house at 4 a.m. what I am surprise about is that they didn't call sooner. I pulled up in front of the police station and ran inside; I was a regular here if it wasn't volunteering I was here retrieving my dad for various reasons. Tonight involved a fight at a local bar around town him and Jack Green the local perv... I guess the fight involved me I wasn't surprised but a little taken back how my dad reacted. I noticed that it was freezing in the precinct waiting for Sheriff Dale to come out with my father. I sat there dozing off a little and waiting for what seemed like hours. I was awoken from the chime of my phone I toke the phone out of my denim shorts pocket and checked who had texted me. I saw the text from my older bro Louis.

Their Conversation:
L:  Hey Ave
A: He Lou... How is the tour and the band?
L: Everything is great and so freaking amazing and fun... So how are things with you and dad?
 I couldn't tell Lou about dad and his many run-ins with the law it would make him nervous and he would panic and come running back home. The last thing I wanted was a bunch of angry directioners stalking my house. So I did what I always did LIED. Yes, I lied to Louis but it was for his own good and mines to.
L: Well I'll call you later Avery. I miss you and I love you little sister.
A: I miss you and love you too Lou.
*End of Convo*

It was 6 a.m. and still no sign of my dad I decide to go home and change and come back later on at 8, I told Melinda I be back in a few hours and to tell Sheriff Dale to call me when he is going to release dad into my custody.

*Time Skip to 7:30 a.m.*

I was out of the shower and doing my hair into a pretty French braid and putting on some clear lip-gloss I never wore makeup only special occasions. When I was done I picked out my outfit for today:

I was putting on my converses' when the doorbell rang I ran down the stairs hoping not to fall.

'Sheriff Dale thank you for-' I looked and found Lou in the doorway I smiled and lunged toward him and gave him the biggest hug ever I wrapped my legs around him and held him tight.

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