Save Me the Last Dance (1D love story)

This is no average Love story he’s her brother’s best friend and he wasn’t good enough for her but it doesn’t matter…

Avery being an irresponsible 17 year old falls for her brothers best friend…. Love that’s what they had and no one could break that.

He was her Romeo…

And Louis is crumbling to the floor knowing his sister will get hurt…
But he couldn’t stop his friend from making a move on his little sister

Because she was his Juliet…


4. Parties and Sleepovers

Thanks you, you guys are amazing we love the reviews and everything else. This chapter is going to have two parts. Liz will write the first part and Taylor will write the second part. Enjoy
Last Time:

Avery P.O.V:
 I was lying on my beach towel with Harry right beside me watching the sun go down. I sat up and saw Harry staring at me.
 ‘Take a picture it will last longer’ I said sticking out my tongue
He sat up and continued to stare I turned to him looking at him searching him for a reason why he was looking at me when he leaned in and….
Harry P.O.V:
   I was staring at Avery she looked so beautiful laying there staring up at sky. She sat up and looked at me I recall her telling me to take a picture it will last longer. I sat up and continued to stare at her she was looking at me like she was looking for an answer. I leaned in and before I could stop myself I placed my lips on her neck trailing to her mouth she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me closer. I smiled against her lips.

'Someone is a little eager aren't they' I asked smiling at her
'Not as much as you think' she said smiling
We heard everyone coming our way so we got up and acted as nothing ever happened even though our faces told them other wise.

Avery P.O.V:
   The kiss... That kiss with Harry was amazing I couldn't get the warm and fuzzy sensation of being there with him and kissing him out of my head. I blushed a deep red color and smiled inwardly, I walked to Lou and gave him a hug I asked for a piggy back ride but I was to busy talking to realize where I was going.

'Ooff!' said the person I bumped into.
‘Oh my gosh... I'm so sorry' I said helping him up
'It's ok it's not everyday I bump into a beautiful girl like you' he said brushing of the sand on him.
'Well I’m Avery and who are you' I asked
'I'm Wyatt. Wyatt King. Wait what is your last name?' he ask
'Avery Tomlinson. Wait I know you... Omg, Wyatt is that you...' I said surprised hoping it was him.
'Yep in the flesh, Avie I cant believe it’s you. How's life? How's is the family these days?' He asked
Louis cleared his throat and everyone was staring at us I had just realized I was still in his arms I blushed and stepped away from him a bit. I introduced him to everyone and he asked if we would come to his beach party we said yes and went to the cars to head home and change.

Normal P.O.V:
Harry was asking Avery who Wyatt was on the way back home.
'He was an old bf.' Avery said
'What happened?' he asked
'He moved away and I couldn't do long distance relationship.' She said sounding sad that it ended
'Oooo...' Harry said
They talked the whole way back but not on the Wyatt topic. When they arrived the boys went downstairs and the girls upstairs.
They were changing when Avery got a text from harry telling her to meet him outside. She turned to the girls and told them she would be right back.

Avery P.O.V:
I walked outside and called Harry's name when someone wrapped their arms around my waist.

So here is chapter four hoping it lives up to your expectations sorry for the rush of it but we have to get the computer back before Taylor's brother notices that it's gone. We won't be able to update until monday so be patient for part 2. Links are at the bottom after this message. What do you think is going to happen out there? What do you think is going to happen at the party? Leave your guess in a comment. We love you guys, <3.

Party outfits:



Victoria’s outfit:

Avery’s outfit:

Selena’s Outfit:

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