Save Me the Last Dance (1D love story)

This is no average Love story he’s her brother’s best friend and he wasn’t good enough for her but it doesn’t matter…

Avery being an irresponsible 17 year old falls for her brothers best friend…. Love that’s what they had and no one could break that.

He was her Romeo…

And Louis is crumbling to the floor knowing his sister will get hurt…
But he couldn’t stop his friend from making a move on his little sister

Because she was his Juliet…


3. Beach Day

All links will now be posted at the end of the story so be mindful of that. Thanks for the comments and everything… Today Dakota will be writing this chapter so hope you like it

Avery P.O.V:
The drive home was silent it scared me just a few minutes ago I told dad that I told Louis about his few run-ins with the law. He was mad I knew it but he would forgive me, I hope. We pulled up in front of our house and I turned to him.

’Dad I love you’ I said getting out of the car.

I walked into the house and dropped my keys and sunglasses on the table in the hall. I walked into the living room and saw the guys and a girl sitting on the couch watching a movie. Harry saw me and smiled at me I smiled back. He got up and walked over to me he grabbed my hands and planted a soft kiss on them. When I looked at him, his eyes seem to twinkle in the light; I smiled at him and gave him peck on the cheek. When I looked toward the living room I saw Victoria Nialler’s sister smiling at me.

‘Omg! Victoria is that you?’ I said letting go of Harry’s hands for a minute.
‘Yea. Avery you got hotter and tanner’ Victoria said
‘Well you dyed your hair and got hotter to if I must say so myself’ I said laughing at the last part.

We hugged and talked for awhile we got bored so we suggested going to the beach the boys agreed to it. Victoria and I got dressed upstairs I had just bought two new swimsuits from DELiA*s and decide to give one to Vicky. I was wearing the neon one and Vicky wore the retro one. We walked downstairs and waited for the boys I decided to call Liz and tell her and Dakota to come to the beach with us.

Their Conversation:
L: Hey Avie
A: Hey Liz. Do you and Dakota want to meet the guys and me at the beach?
D: Heck yeah! I can’t wait to be somewhere other than this creepy house.
I laughed at her statement…
A: Well meet us there by the pink umbrella
D+L: Ok
D: Wait we got to go get Irey…. Ooo, Avery can we bring her?
A: Sure she is your cousin
D: Thanks see you in 10
End of Convo

I hung up and Victoria looked at me I smiled and yelled for the boys to come on.

Harry P.O.V:
I heard Avery yelling for us to come on so we can make it there before Liz and Dakota. The guys and I hurried up and ran downstairs. We stopped once we saw the girls they looked stunning, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Avery she was breathtaking. Louis cleared his throat and Avery and Vicky looked up they both smiled and started to walk.

‘Who is riding with who?’ I asked curious to know
‘Harry, Me, Zayn, and Liam in my car’ and ‘Louis, Vicky, and Nialler in Victoria’s car’ Avery said retrieving her sunglasses and car keys before walking out the door.

I followed and sat up front with her, Zayn and Liam were in the back listening to music. Avery and I talked the whole way there and I liked it, I liked her. We arrived and the girls raced to the pink umbrella we were suppose to meet Liz and Dakota at.

5 mins later

Liz, Dakota and Selena show up they run over and start hugging everyone then when they’re done Avery shows them Vicky. They started squealing well at least Dakota did and ran over and hugged her.

Normal P.O.V:
They played in the water and then Selena and Zayn walked off and went to the coconut hut to relax, Louis and Liz went for a walk,Niall and Dakota went to get some food, Liam and Vicky stayed playing the water, and as for Avery and Harry they were building sand castles and burying each other in the sand. The day was perfect and it was so much fun.

Avery P.O.V:
I was lying on my beach towel with right beside me watching the sun go down. I sat up and saw Harry staring at me.
‘Take a picture it will last longer’ I said sticking out my tongue
He sat up and continued to stare I turned to him looking at him searching him for a reason why he was looking at me when he leaned in and….

Ok so here’s chapter three hope you like it Taylor and I stayed up all last night looking for outfits and coming up with ideas so we hope you like it. The chapter was going to be different but we are going to save that one for a rainy day. Uhmm… Sorry for the cliff hanger but I had to. Here are the links to everything.


Avery swimsuit:

Victoria swimsuit:

Liz swimsuit:

Dakota swimsuit:

Selena swimsuit:

Liz looks like this: C:\Users\Kids\Pictures\Liz.jpg

Dakota looks like this: C:\Users\Kids\Pictures\Dakota

Avery looks like this:

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