Catching Feelings

Justin has been friends with Ryan for his whole life. He never thought that he would want one of his girlfriends. Does Justin go all 'Jesse's Girl' style or all 'I Wish' style? Read it and find out!

(Jesse's Girl meaning he tries to get with her without Ryan knowing or something like that &
I Wish meaning he just think about her and looks at her and stuff)



5. Winding Up A 'Storm'

The next day , I had a massive hangover.  My head was killing me and I had the worst taste in my mouth.  I had no idea what it was, that scared me.  I woke up to a quiet apartment.  I unlocked my phone, it was 12:47 p.m, I had 3 messages from Ryan, Mum and Storm.  Storm?  How did she get my number?  How did I get her number?  What's going on?  I opened the messages.
Ryan: 'Hey bruzz, I'm goin out for a bit, storms there, dont try anythin :)'
I laughed at the phone and opened the next message.
Mum: 'Hello, my sweety pie, I hope you are having a great time, play nice with your friends. I love you xo.'
Erghh...mothers.  I texted back 'I love you 2' and was looking forward to opening the last message.  I clicked the open button and held my breath.
Storm: 'Hey, look forward to your day today ;)'
I put my phone down and walked out into the lounge room.  I could smell some sort of perfume, or maybe it was just my hangover taking over me.  I couldn't tell.  I sat down onto the couch and turned the TV on, I had to put the volume low because of my headache.  It felt like I had been sitting there for ages before I felt arms wrap around my neck.  I turned my head as fast as I could without getting a head spin.  I looked up to see, it was Storm.  Hot, sexy, beautiful Storm.  She slowly began to walk around the couch.  She still had her pyjama's on.   Whenn she sat next to me, I was starting to sweat by how close she was.  She leaned over to my ear and whispered.  Even though there was no point of whispering, there was no one else here.
'You might wanna turn the TV up,' she said. 'You don't want anyone to hear us do you?'
I looked at her, then the TV, then her, than back at the TV.  I turned it up.  She climbed over me and was breathing on my neck.  She was starting to sweat to and...





*Author's Note*
Really sorry for the short chapter, but I've been stressed with exams and shit.  Also, I needed to update on all my Movellas.  So I hope this satisfies some of you. (Not in that way, you sickos!) Laters xo.

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