Catching Feelings

Justin has been friends with Ryan for his whole life. He never thought that he would want one of his girlfriends. Does Justin go all 'Jesse's Girl' style or all 'I Wish' style? Read it and find out!

(Jesse's Girl meaning he tries to get with her without Ryan knowing or something like that &
I Wish meaning he just think about her and looks at her and stuff)



2. Ryan and Storm

'Hey, I have to tell you something,' Ryan said as he turned to face me.
'Yeah, what is it?' I asked.
'I kinda hooked up with this chick and we're sort of dating,' he said.
'Oh yeah? What's her name?' I said crossing my arms.
'Storm,' he said, ' you want to me her?'

I hated meeting new people.

'Look, she's coming over now,' he said pointing to a gorgeous girl with golden brown hair that bounced perfectly over her shoulders with every step.

'Hi! I'm Storm,' she said.
I hesitated for a second and replied.
'I'm Justin,' I said.
'Sorry to steal your best bud away from you but he's so romantic,' she said.
Pfft, he's not romantic.  He's as romantic as a cockroach under and Aussie thong, I thought.
He gave her a light slap and they just started making out right infront of me.  I was getting grossed out so I just slipped away unoticed and walked toward my house.

Man she was hot!  But she's not mine.  What can we do about that?

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