Catching Feelings

Justin has been friends with Ryan for his whole life. He never thought that he would want one of his girlfriends. Does Justin go all 'Jesse's Girl' style or all 'I Wish' style? Read it and find out!

(Jesse's Girl meaning he tries to get with her without Ryan knowing or something like that &
I Wish meaning he just think about her and looks at her and stuff)



4. Paradise

When we finally arrived, I just wanted to get wasted.  It took me a while to get Ryan and Storm's attention to tell them we were here.  I sighed and stepped out of the car.  At every turn, there were bikini babes with martinis (I don't know how to spell it).  Heaven.  I made Ryan go up and get our room key, because I wanted to make a move on Storm.
'Hey babe, let me help you,' I said.
She smiled and handed me her bag.
'Thanks hun,' she replied.
I linked arms with her as we walked toward the hotel.
'Are we all staying the same room?' she asked.
I smirked at the question.
'Yeah,' I said.
'Coolies,' she winked at me, then skipped to Ryan who was struggling with his bags and trying to get the elavator.  What a show off.  One step closer to being with her.  It was really awkward being in the elavator because Storm was drooling all over Ryan.  Geez, get a room.  Oh wait, they do...with me.  I took the key from Ryan as the elavator door opened.  I squeezed inbetween them and unlocked our door.  I walked in to find strawberries and champagne next to a love heart bed.  That's totally my bed.  I walked into the next room to find a simple queen size bed with cupboard, mirror, etc.  I threw my bags onto the floor, near the cupboard.  Screw staying here, I'm going out.  I walked into the kitchen to find Ryan and Storm practically dry humping each other.
'Ahh, yeah, ok guys, I'm goin' out,' I said.
'Yeah..Ok...Man,' Ryan said inbetween kissing.
'Make good choices!' I yelled as I headed out he door.
I heard muffled yelling but couldn't make out what he said.  I headed into the street to find babes dancing on the beach.  They were lookin' good so I decided to go there.  I walked on to the beach and talked to the first one I saw.
'Hey babe,' I said.
She turned around and just planted her tongue in my mouth.  I don't really rememeber what happened next, but I found myself trying to drink while kissing this amazing girl.  This might be disgusting for anyone else, but for me?  It was paradise.

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