Catching Feelings

Justin has been friends with Ryan for his whole life. He never thought that he would want one of his girlfriends. Does Justin go all 'Jesse's Girl' style or all 'I Wish' style? Read it and find out!

(Jesse's Girl meaning he tries to get with her without Ryan knowing or something like that &
I Wish meaning he just think about her and looks at her and stuff)



3. First Weekend Of Summer

Oh hey you! I met you at the start of the story right? Yeah, ha ha.

Ryan and I had already planned our whole summer.  Go to the beach, hook up with girls, get wasted, etc.  It was gonna be epic.  Until Storm came along.  At that moment, I was pretty sure that our plans were ruined.  I mean, I would hook up with Storm, and Ryan would be pissed.  We wouldn't be mates, I'd say sorry, and that I was drunk, then we'd be mates again.  I didn't say the plans would be ruined for me.
Wow, I just sounded like an asshole.

Anyway, school finally finished yesterday.  SUMMER BABY! I was at home packing for mine, Ryan's and NOW Storm's Summer.  We were leavin' this arvo, then hitting the waves and babes tonight.  When I had finished packing my bag, I called Ryan.
'Yeah?' Ryan asked.
'You ready?' I replied.
'Yeah, head over now, we taking your car?' he asked.
'We can, it's a two-seater though--' I said.
'Oh that's ok, we'll take mine, so Storm can actually sit on a seat,' he said. 'Otherwise she would have to sit on one of our laps!'
We both laughed.
I'm willing to take the plunge.


'That's it! We off?' I said.
'Yep, let's totes go!' Storm replied in a high, girlish voice.
Ryan asked me to drive his car while him and Storm got busy in the back. Not like 'naughty' stuff, just trading tongues. No biggie.
Well, I am Justin, and I'm headed toward the first day of the best time ever. My first weekend of summer.

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