Catching Feelings

Justin has been friends with Ryan for his whole life. He never thought that he would want one of his girlfriends. Does Justin go all 'Jesse's Girl' style or all 'I Wish' style? Read it and find out!

(Jesse's Girl meaning he tries to get with her without Ryan knowing or something like that &
I Wish meaning he just think about her and looks at her and stuff)



1. Meeting Justin

Hi, I'm Justin, I'm your average teenage boy.
I like music, girls, skating, friends, girls, chilling, girls and oh...did I say girls?  Yeah, I'm a sucker for girls, they're just... well girls.  I mean I'm not digging girls, I mean...girls.

Anyway, I have to tell you what Ryan and I did for the summer.  Ryan's my best mate, he has been since we could talk.  Ryan met this girl at the start of the summer.  She was gorgeous, more than any other girl I've ever seen.  They started dating and I was sooooo jealous, I'm never EVER the jealous type, but somehow, it got to me.  I wanted her.  Badly.  So I'm gonna tell you how our summer went.  There may be some ups and downs but hopefully...for your sake, it finishes great.

I ain't telling you how it finishes, you'll just have to find out, see you through the story!

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