When I fall love Willow Smith

I land in americas Willow started fancy me we in love


1. Start look girls

'Mum can I go to america' I said 'ok that fine' mum said the next day my mum and dad rushing pack the bag we got in the car drove fast 'passport?' I said 'yes' mum said but the traffic it long my dad lose temper. 'Calm down' I said but the traffic move fast 'yes!' I whisper. The airport it left it called Heather Airport we ran fast we can. Finally we got in the plane started move and lift off my dad asleep when he on the plane same my mum I look outside. It was night and light whole city. Few hour later we arrive here the plane hit the ground and we got out. My mum and dad still asleep I tapped hard them woke up 'we here' I said all of us got in the lift coach I sat there I'm dream of Willow she beautiful ever I dream. We stop my dream gone I was disspoint my dream gone. I saw Willow stand there I feels my moblie ring I saw said ''Hi ur name is samuel k I'm fall love with u. U re sexy luv u.'' I scream that Willow fancy me Willow come to me 'Hi' I was shocked see that. To my face she kiss my cheek.


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