The Ghost School

the 4 children who live there but we feels cold 4 children who tried escape the School. Guess?


1. New Children

'Come on' Kaite said 'why you scared new school' Katie was skinny, wear 1D jackets and long hair always moaning. We arrive the school it looked haunted very old my mum open the door and 'come on go to school you need learn' mum said. 'Luke I think that school it haunted' Kaite said 'same' I said. We got in the teacher looked like pale like vampire and black messing hair. 'I wonder this lady is ghost' I said 'Nah she not ghost sad life' she snapped me. the children got blood their hands I nearing puke 'are you ok' the teacher shriller the bell gone off the children run fast. I peek the man wipe the knife which blood cover I little worried 'Katie I think this man killed children' I said 'What!' Katie high loud voices. I shushed her 'wa wa wa you gay' I little owned when my mum gone. The teacher pushed us and put us in cage the child look thinning and bone his ribs 'cautions the ghost will eat you when their hunrgy' he said 'what your name' I said. 'Dom' Dom said the man unlock the cage grabbed 3 of us I looked many chidren died it about 40 50 of them Katie red face. Because she did't like it see that I heard footstep loud 'you must work or else' the giant man said



I will write more ok

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