The Ghost School

the 4 children who live there but we feels cold 4 children who tried escape the School. Guess?


2. Killer Coming

The giant man grabbed put us to work. The teacher with cane and knife his pockets 'The rules 1. not allow cheat. 2. If you agure with staff you will be killed clear' the teacher boom voice 'yeah' the children said. 'And being' I open the books the book cover blood 'that book cover blood' I said 'so......' teacher said 'fine have your way.' The blood dripping on my head I look up and scream 'stop it like baby wa wa wa wa' I little angry with him. Katie put her hand in her pockets 'what you doing?' I said 'you know better' Katie said 'a knife!' I said 'are you insane.' She stand up 'can I go to toilet' Katie said 'fine you can go' teacher said 'me too' I said can with her

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