Voyage To The Four Seasons; The Bejewelled Staff

Young Kirren, a boy living in winter, aware of no other life beyond the Scee Ocean, has a father who's power get's to his head after being told to be the new leader of their small neglected Village. Mika (father) is presented the token of their season, The Bejewelled Staff and puts his family after his promise to keep their village safe from dangerous predators like the notorious leopard seals. When Mika goes missing along with the Bejewelled Staff out of the blue, Kirren feels betrayed and disappointed that his father supposedly left with the Bejewelled Staff and it's magic. Determined, Kirren embarks on an extradordinary adventure in search of his traitorous father who has in fact been kidnapped by the knavish but cowardly King Vidgen a leopard seal of their time who decides to invent a fifth season, Rechim in a desert of snow and ice. In Kirren's journey he learns of the other four seaons besides his winter wonderland. The clock is ticking and ice is melting, can he do it?


2. Now confusion



Kirren had a dreadful dream. He was pulled out onto the snow naked footed. His eyes were heavy and light had been dim but he could make up the staggering figure of his mother and her hair hugging at her cheeks in the northerly wind. She was crying; screaming. Her skin was blue. People in helmets and on horses in lively red colours were pulling people from tents and throwing them out onto the snow. There was an unordinary fire in the sky and suddenly there were leopard seals and dun bears killing everyone. Kirren awoke panting. Sweat melted down his clothes.
“Alberta! Mum!?” He cried desperately, tracing his fingers through his greased hair.
His mother looked unwillingly up from her pillow; worn with wrinkles, her eyes squinted. Kirren gave a faint-hearted smile and wriggled back down into his doona. What was the meaning of his dream? Whatever it had been, it had frightened him from his toes, up his spine and to his head.


Kirren woke later that morning by Alberta. “Are you ill? By golly you’ve been in bed for ages.”
“I had a bad dream, I couldn’t get to sleep. When I finally did, I suppose I couldn’t wake up?”
“Alright. If you needed rest, I’ll give you that.”
Kirren threw his legs over the side of his bed onto the cold floor.
“Where’s father?”
“He’s out.”
Kirren! No wonder your father gets irritated by all these questions. Besides, it’s your father’s business.”
“Mmph.” Kirren lingered outside the tent, watching the trees until his father came into sight.
“Kirren? What are you doing out here in the cold?” His father tongued.
“Well it’s a good thing you’re out here. I need you boy.” Mika frowned though his face was bright.
“Need me with what?” Kirren questioned.
“Well I’d like you to see something.”
As Mika and Kirren walked, Kirren noticed the faded mark on his father’s wrist.
He kicked the snow as he walked by his father’s side, grinning up at his face with admiration.
“Is everything alright?”
Mika looked down, startled a little. “Oh – um. To put it bluntly, the ice is melting.”
“What?” Kirren was naturally puzzled. “What?” He repeated. Mika crouched to Kirren’s height.
“I’m afraid Jokino was right. There is death. Death is coming.”
“The ice is melting son. Withwole, our season is going to fall.”
“But why?”
Mika avoided his son’s eyes. He face was pale and dappled.
“I no longer have The Bejewelled Staff.”
Kirren was confused.
“But what did you do? You only had it last night.”
“I deceived all of you. I went to finish of the best by myself...”
“The leopard seal?”
“Let me speak! I lost it in the water. The Bejewelled Staff is gone. I have failed as a leader.”
Kirren felt down. He broke into a nervous sweat. “So we’re all going to die?”
“Our bodies are not built for any other climate.”
“So we’re all going to die?” Kirren repeated.
“I hope not. I have faith Kirren...”
“But no! But father! Mika!” Kirren teared up. He ran back to his village into Alberta’s arms. 

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