FANGS (Niall Horan)

She thought that he was normal.

She thought that he wouldn't change.

She didn't thought he was a vampire.


2. PART 2




"Hey, Kristen?"

"Tyra, hey! What's up?"

"I need you to tell symptoms to blood phobia."

"Well, first of all, why do you need to know that?"

I thought for a second and spoke. "My friend has it."

"Okay, so, dizzy, pale, maybe fainting if there's a lot of blood."

"And if there is just a little cut and a little of blood?" I asked.

"There shouldn't be fainting."

There shouldn't be fainting... So why the hell he fainted? Maybe he has really really bad blood phobia? I decided to call Niall.

"Okay, thanks Krist..bye." And i hung up.

I looked at the paper with number written on it.

"Hello?" A husky voice answered.


"Aha! I thought you would call...its Harry."

"I told you that i will call. How's Niall?" I asked.

"He's good. Just woke up. We gave him...medicine, so he's fine now. Even better than he was before seeing blood." Harry said.

"How LONG does Niall have a phobia for blood?" I asked.

"Emmm.. Niall how long do you have blood phobia?" I've heard Harry ask Niall. "Since year 4."

"Hmm... Can you put him on the phone please?"

"Yeah, sure." "Hi!"

"Hi, Niall, how are you?" I asked.

"Thank you. I'm good. Do you...wanna meet?"

"Hhmm.. Maybe? Where?"

"At our hotel?"

"What room and hotel?"

"Radisson, room 42."

"Be there in an hour."

I hung up and went to the kitchen. I opened drawer and saw some Pringles packs and my favourite wine. I took them and put in my bag. Phone, camera, wallet, car keys. Check. I went to the door and opened them. Walked out of the house and locked the door.

*Give me love, like her...

Cause lately i've been waking up alone...*


"Tyra, my b-b-boyfriend... Taylor... Dead!" Kristin sobbed in to the phone.

Taylor dead?

"Dead?! W-wha-what happened?!"

"I found him dead outside the flat building, all covered in blood."

"Shh...shhh.. I'll come over okay?"


I hung up and called Niall.


"Niall, i can't come over. My friend's boyfriend is dead and i wanna go comfort her." Silence.

"W- how?"

"Taylor..pff..Her boyfriend was found dead, covered in blood outside her flat building, that is near your hotel. Be safe guys."




I quickly ran in to the car and started driving to Kristin's flat. The drive seemed to be so long, but in few minutes i was there. Ambulance lights, police cars, Kristin... I ran out not bothering to lock the car, and straight in to her arms.

"Shhh....shhh....everything is going to be fine..i think he's in better place now." I hugged and rubbed her back, while she sobbed in my chest.

"He-he was g-going-g t-to prop-pose." She cried. Propose? Well she's 24. It's legal.

"And how you didn't fainted when saw this," i pointed at the blood. "Much blood?"

"'s Taylor's. no. Actually i don't know."

"Did you see who did this?" I asked.



''A vampire."




"Her friend's boyfriend is dead because of you!" Liam yelled to the phone. He was talking to his friend. Sean. "I know you did this!!" "Just stop!! Stop killing people, Sean!" And he hung up.

"Wow, i haven't seen you this angry before." Zayn said calmly and Liam nodded. Louis came in the room with a cup

"I'm not drinking this, Louis." I said.

"Do you want to keep fainting when you see human's blood?" He asked sounding a little angry.


"Then drink!"

I took the cup and looked at the blood like 'what-the-fuck-i-am-doing?' and then i poured the red liquid in my mouth. I felt getting stronger. Better. Better than when i drink animal blood. The blood was running through my throat and my fangs, little fangs got out.

"Done." I wiped away the blood that was around my lips.

"Good." Louis said. "I'm going to see Eleanor. If she's in her room and not sleeping."

"Don't kill her." I said and i could feel my body asking for more and my eyes becoming red. I just hugged my legs and cried.

"I don't want to be monster." I said calmly. "I don't want to kill people. I don't want to have a thirst for blood. I don't want to be forever young. I don't want to be a vampire." I could feel three pairs of eyes starring at me.

"Niall, calm down."

"Kill me then. I don't want to live as a monster." I said not looking at them.

"Niall!" I lifted my head up and opened my eyes to see Harry in front of me with his green eyes. "If you want to make your eyes be normal, just close your eyes and take a deep breath and forget about it."

I did as Harry said. Took a deep breath, closed my eyes and forgot about it. I opened an Harry smiled. "Your eyes are so beautiful." He said by announcing that my eyes are blue again, because all the boys hates red eyes.

"Thank you, Harry." I wiped the tears who escaped from my left eye (AN: Fact: if tear escapes first from right eye - it's from happiness, if from left - then pain.)

*when she was just a girl

She expected the world

But it flew away from her reach-*


"Niall, you sound tired." Tyra was on the other line. A smile grew up on my face .

"I'm not. How's your friend doing?"

"She's.....fine." She said, making 'f' sound like 'ph'.

"Maybe you wanna come over with your friend for a cup of tea?" Then i've heard..silence..

"Um.. Yeah. We will. Can you wait for us outside the hotel?" She asked, probably because she was afraid. And i'm not talking about her friend. She must be freaking out.

"I will. Bye."

So i threw my phone on the sofa and walked outside the hotel. Seeing people walk around, some people are drunk... Well it was the most 'outside-city' place we could find, so fans won't bother us. But all in all it was New York. Big city. Big buildings. Liberty statue, which i could see in a distance all lighten up.

"Niall!" I've heard Tyra say loudly. I ran towards her to see her -obviously- and her broken friend, with puffy, red eyes and her hair in messy bun. Then i looked at Tara and she smiled at me and her beautiful dimples showed.

"Hello, dear, how are you?" I asked and hugged the girl that was next to Tyra.

"Hi, Niall. I'm Kristin. And i'm feeling....horrible." She said hugging me back.

The hunger... I closed my eyes as i felt my eyes getting darker. I backed away quickly and huger calmed down. Phew..

"Come in?" I asked and led the girls upstairs to our apartment.

"Sooo... Are you excited for Madison Square Garden tomorrow?" Tyra asked and i turned to her as i walked backwards.

"Yes. I'm freaking excited!" I said.

"Turn around.. You're gonna fall down." Kristin said.

"Turn around, floating so high up off the ground, floating so high, turn around, together nothing can stop us now." Tyra sang. She was good at it. Really.

"Wow. You're good." I said opening the door. They walked in and looked around. Their mouths were in perfect shape of 'O'. They like it. I can see.

"I used to sing when i was younger." She said still looking around the apartment. "It's a mess here!"

"You don't like it?"

"I do like it, but it's a mess!" Tyra said back. I quickly went to the other side of the apartment to find Harry and Zayn drinking blood from the bottle and Liam just sitting there, watching TV. "Da fuq guys?! Tyra is here!" I shouted/whispered.

They quickly washed their faces and hid the bottles under the couch. Then Tyra walked in. Alone.

"Heeeey..." Zayn said awkwardly.

"Hi, Zayn?" She said, but it sound more like a question.

"Wassssap?" Liam asked. "Don't say the sky or roof OR something like that." He said.

"How did you know i'm gonna say that?" She asked as she chuckled.

"Where's Kristin?" I asked suddenly.

"A! She's in the bathroom. She has a blood phobia like you do. And when she saw blood around her supposed-to-be fiancé, she didn't do anything, so she....throws" She said. "And i think i have to go there." She said as she heard a 'bum!' in the bathroom.

We ran in there as we saw Kristin's head in the toilet as she puked.

"What happened? Why did we heard a 'bum'?" Harry asked.

"Blood...phobia..the 'bum' was that i heard.....something..but it wasn'" She said and i could see that she looked even worse than me, when i needed blood.

"Need anything?" Tyra asked.

"T-t-taylor...." She cried.

We -the boys- walked out and let the girls have their time. We walked in the living room at the back of the apartment.

"Want some?" Harry asked me, handing the bottle of Not water.... Blood.

"No." I said. My eyes started to get darker. I knew that i need. "Give me that fucking bottle." I said and grabbed the bottle. It will be the last. So i should enjoy this one. I opened and smelled it. Soon the liquid was running through my throat. I felt so alive.

"Niall?" Tyra asked and i quickly stopped drinking it. Looked at her with Kristin, looking pale like a paper. "Why are your eyes re-Kristin? R-run. RUN!!!!" She said and i let them go. I've heard them open the door so i changed my mind and ran to them in my super speed and grabbed their wrists.

"Please don't go." I said as i felt my eyes turning to normal. "It was just tomato juice. What do you thought that was?"

She tried to run. "Please, let Kristin go." She said and i let Kristin go while i was still holding her wrist.

"That was....blood." She said as the tear escaped through her left eye as she squeezed them.

"Tomato juice." I said. I obviously was lying.

"Then why the fuck were your eyes red?" She asked calmly.

I sighed knowing that she already know everything. I took her to MY apartment. Since that apartment was Louis' and Harry's.

She was shaking. I politely pointed to the sofa for her to sit down. "You want truth?" I asked. She nodded.

"I don't have a phobia for blood. I'm not what you think i am." I said..

"My eyes change everytime i need blood. They change when i drink it. I never get old. I am-"

"Vam-vampire." She said. "You won't hurt me right?" She asked and was about to stand up.

"I won't." I said.

"W-w...How did you?"

"Became a vampire? I'll tell you, but not this time. And one more thing..." I said as i felt my eyes getting dark and she getting pale. And backing away from me. "Every time, when i see you, i wanna drink every drop of your blood that is in your body. That's like a drug to me." I got her face softly and she froze. "Are you afraid?'' I asked. She nodded.

"Don't be. I'm just going to be your best friend." I said as i started kissing her neck softly and seeing her neck vein. I just couldn't hold myself and bit her. But didn't drink. Just bit leaving my 'sign' in her, so the other vampires will know that she's mine.

I got back a little and saw her biting her finger and tears on her cheeks. I bit my wrist so the two-fang scar will disappear.

"Drink it." I said. She shook her head. "Drink it, because you're bleeding badly and i'm not going to hold myself even more." She opened her eyes and i put my wrist in her mouth. She refused at first but drank a little then. The bits were gone.

" will ever hurt you." I said and smiled.

"You have to answer some of the questions." She said and put a hand over her neck. "How long?"

"Year." I said.

"Do you drink human blood? And why did you fainted i you don't have a phobia to blood?"

"First: i feed only by animals. Second is that i feed only animals and a vampire needs some human blood and i haven't drank it for year so i felt very weak." I said.

She nodded.


"And are the others....vampires?"

"Yes they are."

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