FANGS (Niall Horan)

She thought that he was normal.

She thought that he wouldn't change.

She didn't thought he was a vampire.


1. PART 1


Here we go. The most beautiful girl i've ever met. Her bright brown, wavy hair and bright green eyes perfectly suited her.

"Hello, i'm Niall." I reached my hand to her to shake. She smiled and i started to melt, she was so perfect. Then she rolled her eyes and hugged me. Wow. It'll be hard for me.

"Hand shakes are for losers." She said. Ouch.

"Are you saying i'm a loser?" I joked.

"No, Niall. By the way i'm Tyra." She winked and i smiled and looked at her gorgeous eyes.

"You're eyes are so beautiful." We said at the same time. She giggled and i laughed.

"Thank you." She said. "Yours as well. So... Blue... I've always wanted to have blue eyes. Like you do." She said.

"And i always wanted to..." No... Not to drink her every drop of the blood in her body... Niall! "Have green eyes."

She blushed a little.

"So are we starting this interview or you will keep flirting?" Louis yelled playfully. We both blushed and looked at each other.

"So we have a surprise for you, Directioners! We're live here with One Direction!" She said loudly to the microphone.

"Hellooooooo!" We all shouted and i kept my eyes on her.

"So how are all of you?" She asked.

"We're really good. This last week was very hard for us, but we love it, the fans have been amazing here." Liam said.

"And how do you like America so far?"

"It's really warm here. We were in Dallas, but there was just too hot." I said and kept staring at her.

"Ok. So some questions from twitter if you don't mind.?"

"Its okay." Louis said.

"Go on." And Zayn added.

"First question: What's your favourite song at the moment?" She asked and looked at me.

"Emm.. Mine is probably Coldplay - Paradise." I said and looked at Harry who sat besides me.

"Mine is...hmm... I have no id- Aaaah! I really like Rihanna - Diamonds." Harry said.

"Of course you like." Louis mumbled. And i laughed. "Psy - Gangnam style, of course!" Louis said and we all laughed.

"Ok so i know what to play next." She smiled. Oh goooooosh....

"Ne-Yo - Forever now." Zayn said simply.

"And mine isssss..... Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child."

"You have a good taste in music, boys." She smiled and looked at me and blushed.

"Okay! So Tyra is blushing right now, because she loves Niall. And Niall just blushes back now." Louis yelled at the microphone.

"Louis!!!!" We both yelled at the same time. Then looked at each other. "Louis!!! We don't!" I yelled.

"Ahh... Come on, Irish! You do!" Zayn added. Now i wanted to kill them.

"Okay! Next question: do you have a secret that you have never told to anyone?" She asked and i froze. I'm not telling that. Never.

"Emm.. Not really. The fans know everything about us." Louis said.

"We're going on a break. And we're playing PSY - Gangnam Style. Watch us live on"(This link doesn't exist :P)

She stood up and randomly started dancing to Gangnam style. We all joined her and laughed our asses off how Zayn was dancing......terribly.

"Z-z-Zayn! You can't d-d" she was laughing just like me. Uncontrollably. "Dance!"

"C'mon! I think that wasn't that bad." Zayn said and sat down on the chair in frustration.

I accidentally touched Tyra's hand and she stopped and looked at me. "Why are you so cold?"

"I-i'm always cold." I said and she wanted to touch other lads' hands. "As well as the others."

Shit! "And emmm.. Do you wanna hang out after...the interview?" I asked shyly.

"Yes, of course." She smiled and then Gangnam style ended and we sat down on our chairs.

"Yo yo yo! People we're back!" She said and i looked at the guitar that was next to her.

"Do you play?" I asked looking at guitar.

"Do you WANNA play?" She asked handing me the black matt guitar.

"This is your guitar?" Harry asked looking at it an admiring it.

"Yes. Do you like it?"

"Its so awesome!" I shouted.

"So can you play us something?" She asked looking at me with her shining green eyes.

"Yes. What?"

"Maybe.... Play us some Justin Bieber." She looked at me with hope that i can play. But i can't. Gee. I guess i'll have to use my guitarist skills and play it by my hearing.

"I'll try Boyfriend if that's okay?" I asked.

"That's my favourite song by him." Gosh... Her accent was mix of something irish and american.

"I love your accent." I said. She chuckled.

"Everyone tells me that."

So i started playing and it came out pretty well. I could feel her eyes burning in to my forehead.

"Sorry, Justin, i just ruined your song." I laughed.

"No, Niall that was beautiful, i love it." She said.

"Yup. Niall's beautiful and you love him. It's official!!!" Louis yelled. I punched him really hard.

Few songs later we had to stop the interview and leave. "So, we're done. Say goodbye."


And we're done. It was 9pm and its going to be the end of today's shows.

"So where you wanna go?" She asked holding a little knife in her hand. What for?

"Why are you holding the knife?" I asked with fear.

"Oh! Its just for a cake i've got there." She pointed to the big chocolate cake that looked delicious.

"Don't worry! I'm not going to kill you." She laughed. Well if she would know who we are, she would enjoy killing us.

She went over to the cake and started cutting it and putting on the plates.

"Tssss." She said putting the knife down and holding to her finger.

"What happe-" i stopped talking when i saw what was that. Blood.

"Can you please pass me the tissue.?" She asked and Liam quickly gave her the tissue. "Thank you."

"May i excuse to the bathroom?" I asked as i felt my hunger grow and eyes changing colour.

"Yes, sure. The bathroom is on your left." I quickly opened the door and shut it as soon as i was in. It's so hard to hold myself. Its even harder than stopping the kid eating candies. That was....terrible.

"Sorry, Niall, has a phobia for blood." I've heard Louis say behind the door. Yes. They were a little bit better at holding their hunger. But that was the hardest for me. I am the one who drinks animal blood. Never drank human blood before. Never. Yes. You may ask 'how did you transformed then?'. I was dying. And if you don't finish the transformation - you die. So the boys put some human blood in my tomato juice, well... That wasn't tomato juice. That was just blood. And i hate them for that.

They ruined my life. I'd be better dead. Than a monster.

"I washed it off, Niall. You can come out now." She said. I took a deep breath and walked out. Smelling blood still and of course her... I've never wanted blood so much. Never.

"Thank you, for not letting me....." I paused. "Faint." I said.

"So here you go. I've heard you love cakes." She said passing me the fork and the cake.

"Yes. Yes. I love them." I said. My eyes started changing again and i started feeling dizzy.

"Man you're good?" Zayn asked catching me before i fell on the ground.

"Yeeeeahhh.." I got up and pushed myself to the wall and brushed my back when i landed on my bum. "Just a little dizzy."

"He's feeling like that because of the blood?" Well there was truth in her question. Not a little. But a lot!

"Yes." Harry said, not lying. "He can look at it. He turns pale and then faints. What a pussy." I shot Harry deadly glare and he stopped. "Not." He added.

"Let's go to some restaurant?" I asked looking at them. They all shook their heads. "No? Why?"

"You look terrible! You need some medicine." Tyra said.

"C'mon. I do not look terr-"


"C'mon. I do not look terr-" and he swung from side to side and collapsed. I was in shock. The other boys just caught him.

"Here. I'm sure that Niall would like to call you when he gets better." Harry gave me a piece of paper with Niall's number written on it.

"Thank you. I will. I'll call you tonight about Niall, okay?" I asked.

"Yea, sure." Louis said and took Niall on his arms and they all left then leaving me here. Geee, that boy really is afraid of blood.


The first thought was about vampires, but c'mon they don't exist. My friend has a phobia for blood and i'l ask her about that.

I won't forget.

I won't forget about Niall's 'blood phobia
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