Friends and Fiends

When Hayward was 8, his parents sent him to a camp for one month. But what they didn't know was that the camp was actually a boot camp, and no one was allowed to leave the camp until they were 19.
But when Hayward discovers a new friend, he also discovers new fiends. And still, Hayward and his new friend manage to ignore the fiends and do things no one has ever thought of doing before.


9. Chapter 9

Hayward lay in the hospital bed, with his hand wrapped in an unusual-looking bandage, and a tray of food on his lap. He looked to his side and saw Dr. Minera leaned up on the wall. She seemed to be talking to someone- Sergeant Jones.

"Is it that bad?' asked Sergeant Jones. Dr. Minera slouched.

"I'm afraid so, ma'am. It was caused by something I'd never seen before, and wished I hadn't," Dr. Minera replied.

"Can you tell me?" Sergeant Jones inquired.

"No, that would be bad, ma'am. Not saying you're trouble, but the boy needs a break."

"Ah, whatever. Be at the dinner tonight. I made it myself," Sergeant Jones said proudly. Dr. Minera stiffened.

"Oh, I don't know if I can, Sergeant. With all this paperwork to fill out, and Hayward to deal with, it doesn't give me the time to join you and your delicious dinner," Dr. Minera said shakily. Sergeant Jones grunted.

"Ah, whatever. More for me!" Sergeant Jones laughed and left. Dr. Minera came back in to the hospital. Hayward pretended he hadn't heard anything, and that he'd just awaken.

"Oh, hello, Hayward," Dr. Minera greeted. Hayward nodded in her direction. "Are you feeling any better?" Dr. Minera spooned some mushy gray mixture into Hayward's mouth. Hayward shook his head. "That's okay, you will feel better soon, I guarantee. Now, eat up so I can figure out the problem with your hand and bust that boy who hit you. Who was it again?" Dr. Minera asked. Hayward hesitated. If he told on Leo, things might just get worst. Leo was a powerful boy, who didn't like Hayward the way he was, and if Hayward caused even more trouble, he might end up in a hospital forever. 

"Oh, I forget, Dr. Minera," Hayward said in a calm voice. Dr. Minera looked Hayward in the eye and lifted his chin.

"I know what you're thinking, Hayward. If you tell on the boy, he'll come and cause more injuries on you. But it's okay, I make sure he won't. Now, who is this boy?" Hayward still hesitated. He kept it silent for a few seconds, as he chewed the taste-less mush.

"It Westan, ma'am." Dr. Minera stiffened. Her face turned a little pale and she zoned off for a while. " Are you okay, Dr.?" Hayward asked. Dr. Minera looked up. 

"Hm? Oh, yes, sorry. I just was a little shocked there for a second. Um, why don't you finish eating and I'll go, uh, finish some paperwork, I guess." Dr. Minera stumbled out of the hospital wing and Hayward was left alone. 

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