Friends and Fiends

When Hayward was 8, his parents sent him to a camp for one month. But what they didn't know was that the camp was actually a boot camp, and no one was allowed to leave the camp until they were 19.
But when Hayward discovers a new friend, he also discovers new fiends. And still, Hayward and his new friend manage to ignore the fiends and do things no one has ever thought of doing before.


8. Chapter 8

"How's it feel?" Doctor Minera asked. Hayward observed his broken hand and shrugged. A worried Mr. Asen hurried into the hospital room and began shooting questions at Doctor Minera.

"Is he alright? Can he fight? Does he need a cast? How about a sling? Please say no!" Doctor Minera sighed.

"He's alright, Mr. Asen. He doesn't need a cast or a sling, but he won't be sparring for a couple of hours. Why don't you take him to the assembly and bring him back when it's done? By then, he'll probably be able to spar. But don't keep your hopes up," Doctor Minera said. She helped Hayward off the hospital bed and led Mr. Asen and Hayward out the door.

"What's the assembly about?" Hayward asked. Mr. Asen shrugged.

"No one would tell us," he replied. "And it is quite unusual to have an assembly here. We haven't had one for fifteen years." Hayward nodded and followed Mr. Asen out to the multipurpose room.

In the multipurpose room, Isaac and Nick were waiting for Hayward at a table. He joined them and looked up at the stage, where Shawn was seated on a fold-up chair. He looked nervous, and sweat beads were forming on his forehead.

"I'm glad you're back," said Nick. He straightened his newsboy cap and looked at Hayward's hand. "Hey, cool, it's purple!" Hayward looked down at his hand and screamed. His hand was throbbing wildly, and purple spots were popping up on his skin.

"Call Dr. Minera!" Isaac screamed. Bentley came over and screamed too. Dr. Minera rushed out of the hospital wing and sat next to Hayward.

"Stay calm and let me see," Dr. Minera said. Hayward nodded and let tears stream down his face. Dr. Minera took Hayward's hand and observed it cautiously. She gasped and dropped Hayward's hand. Dr. Minera waved over Mr. Asen and whispered in his ear. Hayward sat there, frozen with shock. After exchanging a few glances, Dr. Minera and Mr. Asen looked back at Hayward.

"Who did you say was in charge of this, Hayward?" Mr. Asen asked. Hayward tried to say it, but his lips couldn't move. Dr. Minera stared blankly at Hayward.

"It's happening faster than I thought," Dr. Minera muttered. She opened her lab coat and pulled out a first aid kit. Dr. Minera bandaged Hayward's hand and Mr. Asen carried Hayward up on his shoulders.

"Shawn, you're in luck," said one of the counselors on stage. "We're postponing the assembly until Hayward's wound is treated." Shawn stood up and wiped his sweaty forehead.

"No, I want to get it over with," he announced.

"Sorry, buddy, but everyone's got to be here. Hey, you get an extra day!" the counselor exclaimed. Shawn gripped the counselor's collar and pulled on it.

"Listen here, Mr. Finn. I'm saying I want to get this over with, and you want to postpone it. What's wrong with you?!" Shawn yelled. Mr. Finn pushed Shawn away and brushed himself off.

"Sorry, Shawn. You're going to have to wait." With that, Mr. Finn gathered up a pack that was at his feet, clapped a hat to his head, and left the stage. Shawn's face turned red and he stormed off to his cabin.

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