Friends and Fiends

When Hayward was 8, his parents sent him to a camp for one month. But what they didn't know was that the camp was actually a boot camp, and no one was allowed to leave the camp until they were 19.
But when Hayward discovers a new friend, he also discovers new fiends. And still, Hayward and his new friend manage to ignore the fiends and do things no one has ever thought of doing before.


7. Chapter 7

The classroom smelled of wood and rubber. There were swords and rifles hanging from hooks at the back of the room, and there were rows and rows of desks. Hayward placed his bags in a shelf outside the classroom and showed Nick where to put his bags. They walked into the classroom and took their seats. 

"Good morning, boys," said their teacher, Mr. Asen. He sat at his desk and eyed Nick. "And who should this young lad be?" asked Mr. Asen. 

"Surely you've heard of me," Nick said. "I just arrived and I love these cool hats," he said. All the boys snickered and laughed. Mr. Asen looked surprised. 

"What is your name?" Nick smiled.

"Nicholas William Mitchell, sir. But you can also call me Nick Will Mitch, to be shorter. But most people just call me Nick." Mr. Asen nodded. A bell rang for class to start. 

"Well class, let's run through today's agenda. First, we will learn the Roman Numerals. Second, we will continue the book on the Revolutionary War," Mr. Asen said. The boys groaned. "Then, we will go out and practice with swords." Some of the boys' ears perked. "Finally, we will attend an assembly!" Mr. Asen exclaimed. The class cheered. 

When the cheers died down, Mr. Asen opened his mouth and inhaled.

"This is because we are hosting a sparring competition tomorrow, and we are definitely not ready. So get out your text books so we can get outside and so some sword fighting!" Mr. Asen said. The class cheered and pulled out their books. 

At around noon, Mr. Asen took the class of boys outside. He unlocked the fighting arena that was just right outside the camp, and let the boys in. 

First, Mr. Asen lined the boys up by height and weight. Then, he opened the secret trapdoor for weapons and armor. Next, he handed out the weapons and armor according to where the boys were in line. Hayward and Nick both got some light swords and a shield with lions painted on the front. The bigger and heavier boys got heavier and better swords, and some even got axes. 

"Okay," sighed Mr. Asen. He stared at the armored group of boys in front of him. "Leo and Hayward come and show everyone how sparring goes." Hayward winced as he stepped forward and saw Leo staring right at him. Leo had on heavy armor and was holding a sword and an axe. He had a chest plate with straps on the back, so he could hold more things. A shield with a raven painted on it was strapped to his back, plus an emergency rifle. Hayward raised his sword and struck Leo's side. Hayward's sword clanked against the heavy metal and a vibration rang through Hayward's arms and hands. He dropped and lay, clutching his hand. Leo began laughing. 

"Hayward, can you hear me?" cried Mr. Asen. Hayward didn't reply. He clutched his hand and kicked away at the people who surrounded him.

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