Friends and Fiends

When Hayward was 8, his parents sent him to a camp for one month. But what they didn't know was that the camp was actually a boot camp, and no one was allowed to leave the camp until they were 19.
But when Hayward discovers a new friend, he also discovers new fiends. And still, Hayward and his new friend manage to ignore the fiends and do things no one has ever thought of doing before.


3. Chapter 3

Hayward put on his leather jacket, for the wind at this hour could be deadly in the wilderness. He moved a little closer to Isaac.

"When is Sergeant Jones going to come?" Hayward asked. Isaac stared at him with a confused face. 

"Why on Earth would you want Sergeant Jones to come?!" Isaac inquired. He shivered and zipped up his leather jacket. Hayward did the same.

"Well, the sooner Sergeant comes, the sooner we know why we're awake at this hour. And the sooner we know why we're awake at this hour, the sooner we can get back into our cabin and get back to sleep!" Hayward explained. Isaac nodded and turned, for at that very moment, Sergeant Jones had picked up her megaphone and was testing it with the siren. 

"Mornin' all you campers!" Sergeant Jones greeted. She wiped the sweat off her muscular arms, which was peculiar since it was so cold, if someone was sweating, their sweat would just freeze. "I know you all want to know why we sounded the siren, but I'm afraid I can't tell you until you've sung the anthem!" Sergeant Jones exclaimed. The crowd of campers moaned. Sergeant Jones was the only camp leader that made everyone sing the anthem before every single event. Captain Levi, Jake, and Finn just thought it was silly. "C'mon, I want to hear you all loud and clear!" The crowd moaned again and the anthem began.

"Oh, camping! What joy and what fun! Oh, camping! There's no other way it could be done, without our lovely Sergeant, the great and only one! Oh, camping! What other thing would I do? Oh, camping! I'm a dead man without camping!" 

When the song was done, Sergeant Jones applauded and laughed.

"Oh, how I love that song! Okay, you've all earned the reason for me to tell you. Well, this morning, I was asleep in my chair, right next to the shaft door, when I heard a creaking noise. This was very unusual, for the shaft was never allowed to operate at night. So then I forced myself awake and made sure the shaft door was secure. And it was. So I went back to my chair and went to sleep again. But again, I was awoken by the noise of the shaft elevator. It creaked and crashed into the shaft door. Then, the elevator backed up a bit, and crashed into the shaft door again. Finally, I decided to look through the peep hole and check to see what on Earth wanted to enter the camp. When I looked in, I saw the shaft, of course, but there was a tarp draped over the opening. Well, at first I though it must be Gore* that just wanted the leftovers from dinner, but when I opened the shaft door and let the mysterious person in, I saw that it was nothing close to Gore. Instead, it was a little boy. The boy is a Freckleface**, and he is ten years old. The boy's name is Nick, and he will be staying in Cabin 101," Sergeant Jones announced. Hayward smiled. A new Freckleface? And he was staying in Hayward's cabin! Hayward did a short dance with Isaac, since they were the only two Frecklefaces in the whole camp. 


*Gore- the troll who worked the shaft elevator

**Freckleface- a boy who arrives at the camp and is decided that he is a Freckleface, due to the fact that he had freckles on his face and was skinny

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