Friends and Fiends

When Hayward was 8, his parents sent him to a camp for one month. But what they didn't know was that the camp was actually a boot camp, and no one was allowed to leave the camp until they were 19.
But when Hayward discovers a new friend, he also discovers new fiends. And still, Hayward and his new friend manage to ignore the fiends and do things no one has ever thought of doing before.


1. Chapter 1

Hayward awoke to a buzzing siren and flashing red lights. The boys in his cabin all awoke and got into their uniforms. 

"I wonder what it's gonna be," said the boy in the bed next to Hayward's. "I hope it's something good, because I was having the dream of my life." A boy named Bentley chuckled as he put on his camouflage pants. 

"What was it this time, Isaac?" Bentley asked.

"I was escaping from the camp," the boy named Isaac said. Bentley laughed.

"No one escapes from camp, boy. Get real!" Isaac growled at Bentley and hurried out the door. Hayward rushed out too, dragging his leather jacket with him.

Outside, it was cold and frosty. The leader of the camp, Captain Levi, stood on top of the frozen stage and picked at his teeth.

"Mornin' boys!' he shouted. All the boys responded, frightened by the boom of Captain Levi's voice. "As you can all see, we've got another one of them emergencies. I don't know what it is yet, but Sergeant Jones does. She'll be out as soon as the shaft is safely locked," Captain Levi explained. Hayward shivered at the sound of Sergeant Jones coming onto campus. Everyone was afraid of her, even Captain Levi. She wore black knee-high boots, muscle shirts, and capris all the time. Hayward turned to Bentley and Isaac. 

"We've got to hide, Hayward!" Bentley whispered.

"Why?" Hayward asked. 

"Because, Hayward, Sergeant Levi is coming! Don't you remember that I'm not supposed to be here? I only came to save my brother Bingo. But that's too bad 'cause he died from a bear attack on one of the camping trips," Bentley explained. "Then I discovered that I couldn't leave the camp, so I'm pretty much a stowaway." Bentley shrugged and went to hide under the lunch tables.

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