The Wednesday I Never Existed

Reilly Jenkins likes the way things are in her humble town of Gordon, living in a house as rickety as a railway with two beefy parents where the weather can change with a click of a finger. When Reilly goes to bed like usual on an ordinary Tuesday night, she wakes on no ordinary Wednesday. Suddenly everything changes. Her parents think she's the neighbour, her school teacher's forgot her name and her entire life is turned upside down, her identity falling from her grip like loose change from your pockets.


4. "I really should call your mother."


"Courtenay! Is this some joke? I have been looking everywhere for you! One minute your there and then I turn my back and your gone." Pamela was looking bug-eyed at me like I was some sort of muddy disgrace. "Do you think for one minute you would get away with some sort of trick like this? Do you want to give your mother a heart attack?" 
"I never ran away from you." 
"You didn't?" Pamela leaned to the side and held the staircase rail. Then she drew her attention to Mum. "Thank you for all your help. Courtenay has been acting a little strange lately." 
"I have not!" I said, as if it really mattered.
"We are going home right now!" 
"No! You're not taking me away from mum." I looked at my mother, her eyes to the floor. "Mum? Mum! That's my mum right there." 
"Courtenay? What sort of fool to you think I am? Stop flying these games and get in the car." Pamela grabbed my wrist. I jerked my arm away, her burning fingernail marks scared my skin. "I'm not going home with you." 
"Courtenay! I have had it up to here with you." 
"I know who you are." I said. "You're Mrs. Kauffman. But I'm sorry." 
"What is this? What have you become." 
"You could stay for dinner tonight, if you like Pamela." Mum suggested. 
"No thank you." 
"I'm making roast."
Mrs. Kauffman rolled her neck. "No!" She clasped her strong, but sweaty palm around my arm and dragged me down my own drive and  wrestled me into the car seat. 
"You're taking me away from my family!" I accused hotly. "Urgh!" 
"Courtenay, shut up." 
"It's Reilly!" 
Before I could yell, I was staring out the window, in an onion-skin smelling car, watching the neighborhood flash by in a house and lawn colours. 
My cheeks were stained red and watery, my hands shaking with tingles. I choked on my own tongue, thinking about the realism of this whole situation. It had began on Wednesday that I never existed, when I went to sleep and woke to find I was someone else. Some Courtenay I never knew existed.
But on Wednesday she did.


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