The Wednesday I Never Existed

Reilly Jenkins likes the way things are in her humble town of Gordon, living in a house as rickety as a railway with two beefy parents where the weather can change with a click of a finger. When Reilly goes to bed like usual on an ordinary Tuesday night, she wakes on no ordinary Wednesday. Suddenly everything changes. Her parents think she's the neighbour, her school teacher's forgot her name and her entire life is turned upside down, her identity falling from her grip like loose change from your pockets.


3. Daddy?

I woke up, lying on a soggy mattress . My head was in pain and my throat was throbbing something shocking. Now of course at this stage I was beginning to wonder whether I had just had the biggest nightmare on earth, or if it really was for real. I was in my own home, I knew for sure, this was the guest bedroom. This whole mum forgetting me, school forgetting me, Kaitlin forgetting me has to be real because I never sleep in the guest bedroom. I of course have my own room next to mum and dads. I heard a doorlock *click* and I skipped cautiously down the staircase, not to knock over another vase. I heard voices in the living room.
"She seems very confused," I heard mum's voice hissing deeply. "She can't remember her own mother or name."
"So you're saying she's in the bedroom right now?"
"The  guest bedroom, darling. Just be nice and make her feel comfortable."
"Courtenay is not our daughter, why can't you call her mother."
"She was fighting with me just before and I'm scared she'll run away if I call Pamela."
"We could get into trouble. It's like we're kidnappers."
"We are not."
I was hiding behind the doorframe, the door open ajar. My mind was racing. My father was skinny too but his stomach was so fat it was as if he had a whole thanksgiving turkey stuffed up his waistcoat.
I yawned loud enough for them both to hear me behind the door and stepped in. My mother straightened and smiled.
"Why good morning, Courtenay. Did you sleep alright dear?"
"I did, thank you."
"Hello Courtenay," my father mentioned, "How are you liking the guest bedroom?"
Mum elbowed dad in the turkey.
"Is everything alright? Would you like some breakfast?"
"When are you going to give up?" I sighed. "Whatever you're trying to teach me here, I understand it now.  Appreciate what you have now before it's gone and that crap. Just be my mum again. Just be dad again."
"Told you!" Mum whispered to dad. "Breakfast anyone?"

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