What Use to Be

London has big dreams little does she know the Niall she use to know isnt the same guy she thought he was she use to love him but now shes not so sure anymore...

Find out if Niall is who she thinks he really is or is he way different...


1. Reunited

London's POV

I was walking through the park when i bumped into my old use to be friend Niall Horan before he became famous

Me: Hey Niall OMG i have missed u

Niall: ya same here how have u been

Me: Great been busy

Niall: oh thats great me to

Me: oh ok cool wanna walk with me

Niall: ok sounds good

He puts his arm around me

Me: what r u doing

Niall: umm idk putting my arm around u

Me: u never use to do that when we were younger

Niall: umm that was a long time ago

Me: ya and

Niall: i dont know

Me: ok well i like the new u

He never ever knew i liked him

Niall: great

Me: you know u have changed alot

Niall: ya i know i have so have you

Me: really how

Niall: you're more pretty more like hot

Me: umm ok then whatever

Niall: its true

Me: ok whatever u wanna believe Nialler

Niall: remember when we use to sneak out on the roof and stare at the scene

Me: ya i do it was fun and i sometimes still think about it

* camera flash*

Niall: Oh god paparazzi

Me: Omfg i should go now dont want ur perfect image to be ruined by some small town girl

Niall: um ur fine i really dont care that much about them

Me: you use to care alot u know when u would come back and visit

Niall: Babe i have changed u know that

Me: first off im not your babe

Niall: ok
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