Breaking Free

Ever felt smothered by everyone else's idea of what your life should be like? Have you ever just wanted to say "Stop! It's my life!" to those closest to you? We all have, haven't we? I bet you were too afraid to do it though. So you kept your mouth shut, and did exactly what you always told yourself you would never do: you followed the rules set by people who don't really know you, and let THEM control your life. But what could happen if you finally just said no? If you decided to follow your own dream? Would something amazing happen? Would you fall in love? Would you find what you've been looking for your whole life? What could happen if you just...broke free?


33. "You're Safe With Me, Belle"


Author's Note: Hiya! Well, erm, this chapter doesn't have a dedication because uh, nobody new commented :( Sad day. But it's okay, that's just motivation for me to do better! I hope you all like this chapter, and don't forget to like, fav, and comment! :) Much love, xx.


"Alan?" Louis asked in complete shock.

"Yeah, it's Alan." He heard in reply. "Took you long enough to recognize my voice." Alan said, chuckling awkwardly.

Louis looked over his shoulder briefly, still holding the phone against his ear, and saw that Belle was completely distracted as she refereed an arm wrestling match between Harry and Zayn on an amplifier. He lowered his voice nonetheless though.

"What the hell Alan?" Louis spoke quietly and quickly into the phone. "You think you can just kidnap my girlfriend, let her go, be incognito for a month, and now you're apparently 'looking out for her'? I call bullshit mate, don't ever contact me nor Belle again unless you have a death wish." He hissed.

"No man I swear to God I didn't--"

Alan's voice was cut off as Louis hung up abruptly. He stuffed his phone in his pocket and yanked the beanie off of his head, running a hand through his already messy hair nervously. His hands were shaking.

'Damn that little prick! Who does he think he is, pretending to care about my girlfriend?' Louis thought angrily to himself. That guy didn't give a shit about Belle and had lied to her over and over again. Belle had blocked his phone number, Skype, and Twitter, and she hadn't even brought him up since the tour started. Her and Louis' relationship was beyond perfect, it was ideal, and now her 'childhood best friend' was trying to ruin it for them yet again.

Or was he?

Louis tried to recall exactly what Alan had said.

'Keep an extra eye out on Belle...can't let them get to her...they're bad people man!'

Louis huffed in frustration and sat down in an empty arena seat, putting his head in his hands. He hated to admit it to himself, but he probably did need to take Alan's advice and put more security on Belle. He couldn't think of a reason that Alan would lie about Belle's dad sending more people to get her, the research he had done in the past showed that her father was absolutely ruthless and would stop at nothing to get what he wanted. And after all, it certainly couldn't hurt anything to put more security on Belle.

"Hey party pooper whatchu thinking so hard about?"

Louis' head snapped up as he heard Belle's teasing voice, and he saw her bounding up to him and sitting on the armrest of the aisle seat he was occupying. Her smile faded though when she saw how distressed he seemed.

"Woah what's wrong?" She asked, concern in her voice. Louis tried to muster a believable smile but failed miserably.

"I'm fine babe." He managed to croak out. She narrowed her eyes at him and he chuckled softly. "Really Belle, I am."

Belle rolled her eyes and shifted so that she was sitting on Louis' lap, rotating her body so she could put her hands around his neck, and she softly played with the hair at his nape. Louis sighed at her touch, closing his eyes and relaxing his shoulders.

"You know," Belle's matter-of-fact tone made Louis snap his eyes open. "It's certainly not a good start to a relationship for us to lie to each other."

Now Louis was the one to roll his eyes, but a smile tugged at his lips. "Belle we've basically been dating for three months, we didn't just start."

"Ugh!" Belle gasped in protest, playfulness twinkling in her brown eyes. "We have not, we've been official for only about a month and a half!"

"Actually it's been one month, three weeks, and two days, but that's beside the point." Louis said nonchalantly, oblivious to Belle's shocked expression. He really remembered that? "We were pretty much dating for the three or four weeks leading up to that, both of us were just too chicken to make the first move."

Belle chuckled and rolled her eyes again. "Yeah okay, okay." She muttered. "But you still aren't telling me why you're upset. And before you even say it, you're definitely not 'fine'." She used air quotes. "So just tell me who you were talking to on the phone."

Louis exhaled and looked at Belle's beautiful face as she looked at him expectantly, waiting for an answer.

"I-It was my mum." He finally spit out, hating the way the lie tasted in his mouth.

Belle raised her chin a bit and looked at Louis skeptically. "Really?" She asked.

Louis opened his mouth to try and affirm the lie, but after a couple seconds he closed it and dropped his head back down. "Damn it Belle, I can't lie to you." He mumbled almost inaudibly before looking back up to his beautiful girlfriend. Her eyebrows were raised and she started to play with his hair again to ease his obvious stress. He exhaled and put his hand on her thigh.

"I won't be mad or anything." Belle said quietly and thoughtfully. "I just want to know what's making you upset." She added.

Louis took in a deep breath and nodded slightly. He couldn't stand the thought of not being honest and open with Belle, she meant too much to him to screw it up over a lie. 

"Alright, but don't let this get to you okay?" Louis finally said. "It's not a big deal I promise. And I'm not upset about it anymore, honest." Belle nodded wordlessly to encourage him to continue. He inhaled deeply once again before spitting out his next words quickly.

"It was Alan on the phone and he said he was warning me that your dad was going to send more people after you and they're not good people and he could only contact me because you aren't talking to him."

Louis filled his lungs back up with air at the end of his run on sentence and held his breath, watching as Belle's expression changed three times. First she was angry. Then she was sad. Then she paled in fright.

"H-He said m-my dad was...was sending more people?" She stammered out. Louis' heart ached. She looked absolutely terrified.

"Yeah." Louis said simply before putting one hand on Belle's cheek and the other on her back, rubbing small circles over her tshirt to comfort her. "Hey, hey, it's going to be okay." He soothed. Then he leaned forward and rested his forehead against hers. He lowered his voice. "You know I won't let anyone hurt you. Ever. Not even your father."

Belle exhaled and the color began to return to her face. She fluttered her eyes closed and took in a deep breath, revelling in Louis' Calvin Klein cologne she'd bought him a couple weeks ago. She melted into his strong arms and opened her eyes, getting lost in a sea of blue.

"Promise?" She asked softly.

Louis smiled and before he leaned forward to kiss her, he said,

"I promise. You're safe with me Belle."


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