Breaking Free

Ever felt smothered by everyone else's idea of what your life should be like? Have you ever just wanted to say "Stop! It's my life!" to those closest to you? We all have, haven't we? I bet you were too afraid to do it though. So you kept your mouth shut, and did exactly what you always told yourself you would never do: you followed the rules set by people who don't really know you, and let THEM control your life. But what could happen if you finally just said no? If you decided to follow your own dream? Would something amazing happen? Would you fall in love? Would you find what you've been looking for your whole life? What could happen if you just...broke free?


62. The Second Day/Night

"Louis! Louis I can hear you snoring in there, wake up dammit!" Belle yelled, loudly banging on the door to Louis' hotel room with her fist. "Louis for God's sake I know how long it takes you to get ready, you need to wake the hell up!"

Suddenly as Belle was about to pound her fist on the door yet again, the door flew open to reveal a tired and disheveled looking Louis. He raised his arm to lean on the door and blinked slowly a few times, his hair in front of his face.

Oh, and he was in his boxars.

And nothing else.

Belle ogled his toned abdominal muscles that she could recognize anywhere, and instantly, a million images of her running her hands over them flashed through her mind. Except they weren't just images; they were memories.

"Belle it's only fifteen minutes past nine o'clock." Louis said sleepily, standing up to his full height and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes with the palm of his hands, oblivious to the fact that Belle was staring at him with a dropped jaw. "You said we didn't have to meet downstairs until a little bit before ten."

Belle managed to swallow, her mouth suddenly dry, before responding. "Yeah, w-well I remember how long it takes you to get ready and I could hear you snoring from my room and I can't afford for us to be late so uh...yeah." Belle rambled, looking away and shuffling her feet.

Louis then moved the fringe out of his eyes and took in Belle's appearance. Her face was flushed red, and she was already perfectly put together in typical Belle fashion. She was wearing a short gray pencil skirt, showing off her long tan legs, matched with a blue sweater which fit her perfectly, and black high heels. Her hair was down, and curled perfectly, laying over one shoulder. She had on a good bit of makeup, but it wasn't overwhelming. All in all, she was stunning. But in Louis' eyes she always looked good.

Louis took in a deep breath, and looked at Belle's face again. She was still blushing, and it took him a second to realize it was because he was basically naked in front of her. He couldn't help but smirk, satisfied that he could still make her face go red. 

Standing up taller and stretching his arms out wide, taking in a deep breath, Louis saw Belle's eyes go wide and glance at him quickly. He smirked yet again.

"Yeah I s'pose you're right, I better get ready. Gotta look fabulous for everyone, right?" He asked cheekily, winking at her before starting to close the door. "I'll be down in thirty." He said just as the door shut, leaving a speechless Belle.

Louis knew exactly how he was affecting her on this trip. And he was using it to his advantage.

Belle chuckled and shook her head, taking the few steps back into her own room.

"How the hell am I going to survive this week?"


Louis stepped off the elevator into the lobby, glancing around for Belle. He was five minutes earlier than she was expecting him, he knew how much she liked to be punctual and he didn't want to stress her out any more than he knew she already was.

He looked dashing, wearing black slacks and a tucked in white button up shirt, the top few buttons undone, with a gray vest over top, and his hair was styled perfectly. He was fairly proud of himself for getting so readily well in such a short amount of time.

Looking around the lobby for Belle, he saw her standing on the other side of the room, outside the conference room where the first board meeting would begin shortly. She wasn't alone though. Next to her was a gray-haired man, wearing a business suit and tie. He was talking to Belle as if they knew each other well, a hand on her shoulder as she waved her arms around, obviously frustrated over something. 

Cocking his head to the side in confusion, Louis strode over to Belle and the mystery older man.

"No! I'm not going to listen to some incompetent idiot who obviously has a peanut for a brain!" Louis could hear Belle yelling as he got closer. He chuckled, having forgotten for a moment how feisty she could be.

"Anabelle he's just trying to do his job." The man said, and Louis' eyebrows shot up in surprise. Nobody called Belle by her real name. Nobody.

Oddly though, Belle acted completely okay with it. Obviously she was upset about the incompetent idiot with a peanut brain, but she completely ignored the use of the name she despised. Which was something Belle would never do, no matter how much stress she was under. Who was this guy?

"Well he's doing a crappy job then!" Belle shouted back at the man, not so much angry at him as she was at a hotel staff member, Louis assumed.

Louis stepped up behind Belle slowly. "Everything alright Belle?" He asked slowly.

Belle whipped around and looked at Louis exasperatedly. "No! Some idiot just told me we have to use the smaller conference room, even though I specifically reserved the larger one weeks ago!"

"Belle it's still a good sized room." The man began to say.

"That's beside the point, it's the principle of the thing!" Belle shouted before huffing dramatically. "Y'know what, I'm going to have a talk with the manager, I'll be right back." She said determinedly, weaving past Louis and towards the front desk.

The man chuckled and sat down in a seat the lobby provided. "That Anabelle, she's stubborn as a mule." He mused, looking up at Louis. "But by golly she'll get the job done." The gray haired man had a thick American accent, much more so than Belle.

Louis chuckled as well, taking the seat across from him. "You have that right. I'm sorry sir, my name is Louis Tomlinson, I don't think we've met." He said politely, holding his hand out.

The man shook it firmly, smiling. "Brian Fuller, it's nice to meet you son. I've heard a lot about you."

As they released handshakes, Louis' smile faded, replaced with a serious look. "Fuller. So you must be--"

"Alan's father." He interrupted.

Louis looked down at his lap for a moment. "I'm very sorry for your loss, sir." Louis said seriously, suddenly being reminded of his own residual guilt concerning Alan's death over a year ago.

"I appreciate that." Brian replied gravely, and Louis looked back up at him. 

"So uh, you said you've heard a lot about me?" Louis asked sheepishly, changing the subject.

Mr. Fuller exhaled, relaxing back into his seat. "Yes, I surely have."

Louis chuckled awkwardly. "All good things I hope?" He asked.

Mr. Fuller looked right into Louis' eyes. "Not necessarily, no."

Louis bit his lip, blood rushing to his cheeks. So Belle had been telling this Mr. Fuller bloke about his shortcomings.

"However the things I've heard that are good, outweigh the bad by far." Mr. Fuller added.

Louis' mouth parted and he started to speak, but Mr. Fuller continued.

"Anabelle calls me once a week, has been since Alan passed. When she first came back from Europe, she refused to talk about you and that band of yours, said it hurt too much. I respected that. Then when she left again after handing over her company to me, the calls became much more frequent. She needed someone to vent to, who wasn't going to judge her. I've known Anabelle since she and my son became best friends in the first grade, and I consider myself her only real father figure, since her own father was a low-life rat. So I can read that girl like a book."

Mr. Fuller leaned forward and placed his elbows on his knees, interlacing his fingers together and looking Louis dead in the eyes.

"That's how I know that you managed to break her already broken heart time and time again." He said menacingly, giving Louis a look that made him want to crawl under a rock.

Louis looked down in shame, and he could feel Mr. Fuller's eyes on him. A tense silence passed between them.

"However," Mr. Fuller suddenly said, and Louis looked back up in confusion. "It's also how I know that that girl loves you with the purest love I've ever seen in my life." He said softly.

Louis' eyes widened, and his mouth parted.

"What? But she--"

"Yeah, yeah, you two broke up and got back together, now she's with your best friend, I know all that." Mr. Fuller said with a wave of his hand, leaning back in his chair again and crossing his ankles. "But trust me boy, she loves you. And the few times that she opened up to me about you, it was plain as day."

Louis was speechless, and he looked over his shoulder at Belle, who was talking to the manager, oblivious to their conversation. 

"No." He said sadly, turning back to Mr. Fuller. "She can't love me, because she doesn't believe in love anymore, she told me so. She doesn't even love her own boyfriend, how could she love the ex who broke her heart?"

Mr. Fuller shook his head in amusement. "Anabelle made up that 'don't believe in love' nonsense because she's ashamed that she still loves you instead of that Irish kid." He said nonchalantly. "She's the most loving person on this Earth kid. And she loves you."

Louis rubbed his temples, shocked at this man's words.

"Now my son loved Anabelle wholeheartedly, I assume you know this."

Louis nodded. 

"And like I said, I think of her as my daughter. So I want her to be with a man who will love her as equally as she loves him. Who will make her happy, who will treat her like a queen, hold her when she's sad, listen to her when she needs to cry. Because I won't be around forever for that."

Louis nodded. "I love her sir, and I'd do all that and more for Belle, she's the best thing that ever happened to me." He said in all seriousness. "But she has a boyfriend, and he's my best friend and also my bandmate. Not to mention she's not too fond of me here lately. I've missed my chance." He said sadly.

Mr. Fuller chuckled. "No you haven't."

"Then what can I do?" Louis asked exasperatedly.

Mr. Fuller leaned forward in his seat, signalling for Louis to do the same. Then he whispered three words that Louis took to heart right then and there.

"Fight for her."

Louis simply stared at the man. Brian Fuller, Alan's father, Belle's own father figure, the guy who should hate him for breaking Belle's heart, is telling him to make Belle fall in love with him again, essentially breaking her and Niall up.

So that's exactly what he was going to do. Make Belle fall in love with him one more time.

"Alright so that's that, I got the original room." Belle voice suddenly appeared, and Louis jumped up from his seat, not wanting her to see his and Mr. Fuller's intense moment. She was looking down at her phone though, and when she looked back up at him, his breath caught in his throat as they stared into each other's eyes for a split second which seemed to last for ages.

"Great!" Mr. Fuller's voice boomed out, tearing Louis and Belle's eyes away from each other. "I knew that if anyone was going to give an ignoramus a run for his money, it would be my Anabelle." He said teasingly, putting his arm around Belle's shoulders and walking her towards the conference room. Louis was glued to the floor for a moment before coming to his senses and jogging up to them.

"Yeah well if I learned anything from being a CEO for eight months it's that when all else fails, threaten to sue."

They all laughed at that.

"Oh Louis I'm so sorry, I didn't introduce you to Brian. This is--"

"We've actually already taken care of the introductions." Mr. Fuller interrupted, glancing at Louis with a sly smile. "This boy is much more polite than you've described him Anabelle." He said cheekily.

Belle blushed and looked down at her feet as they walked. "Yeah well, he has his moments." She said with a shy smile, looking up at Louis for just a second.

Louis grinned. Maybe this wouldn't be as hard as he thought.

"So how come he can call you Anabelle, but nobody else can?" Louis suddenly asked.

Belle laughed. "I figured you'd ask that. And I don't really know. It's just always been that way, he's the only one allowed to use my real name." She said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"So...can I start calling you that?" Louis asked.

Belle froze in her tracks and looked up at Louis. "Do it, and die." She said seriously, making Louis and Mr. Fuller burst into hysterics as they finally reached the conference room.

Once the laughter died down, Belle took in a deep breath. "Alright let's do this." She said, mostly to herself.

She glanced to her left at Louis, then to her right at Mr. Fuller.

"Let's do it for Alan." She added, making tears well up in Mr. Fuller's eyes. He leaned over and kissed her temple in a fatherly way.

"I am so proud of you. And I know Alan is too."

Belle's bottom lip quivered and she took Mr. Fuller's hand in her own. Then, hesitantly, she turned and took Louis' hand as well. His eyes went wide and looked at where they were connected before looking into her eyes with a questioning look.

"I never thought I'd say this, but...I'm glad you're here." She almost whispered.

Louis beamed and squeezed her hand. "I am too. Now let's get in there so you can do what you do best."

Belle cocked her head to the side. "What's that?" She asked.

"Make those people love you." Louis said.

Belle inhaled sharply and smiled through tears. Then she, Louis, and Mr. Fuller all walked into the conference room, her holding both their hands.

But she was holding Louis' hand just a little bit tighter.


Four hours later, Belle was laying on a beach towel in her bright orange bikini, listening to the sounds of the ocean and a few scattered people along the beach. The first board meeting had gone much better than she'd originally expected, she was quite proud of herself. It had ended about half an hour ago and after she had said goodbye to Mr. Fuller (he was staying at another hotel), Louis had walked her to her room and said she needed to relax before getting ready for tomorrow's meeting, which was in the afternoon.

First, she had said no, wanting to immediately start reviewing her notes for tomorrow. But then she took Louis' advice. She was in Hawaii after all, it was pretty much mandatory to lay out on the beach on a beautiful day. So she changed into her bikini, scrubbed off her makeup, grabbed a towel and her sunglasses, threw her hair up in a bun, and made her way to the beach right outside her hotel.

She'd lathered herself up in tanning oil and was enjoying the peace and tranquility of a fairly quiet beach setting, just soaking up the sun and setting aside all her stress.

That was, until a familiar presence plopped down beside her in the sand.

"Y'know, it's kind of rude of you not to invite me to the beach with you when it was my idea you come out here in the first place."

Belle sighed, not opening her eyes to look at Louis.

"But it was also you who said I needed to get away from stress and just relax." Belle said.


Belle chuckled, rolling her head over and finally opening her eyes to look at him. "You're a bit stressful to me Louis, in case you didn't know."

Louis laughed, putting his hands behind his head as he laid back in the sand. "Okay, I'll give you that one." He said.

Since Belle had on sunglasses, she didn't try to hide the fact that she was looking at Louis' body. He had on blue swimming trunks, his bare chest glistening in the sun. His hair was still styled up. 

"Well, I'll leave you to your tanning, I'm going to go get in the water." Louis said with a smile, jumping up and walking towards the waves. 

Belle sat up, leaning back on her forearms to watch as Louis strode off towards the water. It was a picture perfect moment, his back muscles rippling, his shorts clinging to his perfectly rounded rear. It was like a scene from a movie. She knew she had a boyfriend, but it wasn't illegal to look.

Belle shook the sudden onset dirty thoughts from her mind, laying back on her towel once again, closing her eyes and trying not to think about Louis. Soon enough, she started to fall asleep.


"Belle. Belle wake up." A familiar voice said.

Belle struggled to open her eyes, but when she did, she saw Louis' perfectly sculpted face hovering above her own. He was smiling down at her, and she smiled back.

"There's those pretty brown eyes." He said in his sexy, sultry voice and Belle grinned lazily, not feeling awake. She glanced around and saw that it was dark. There were stars up in the sky and nobody else was on the beach.

"Oh my gosh how long have I been out?" She asked, still laying on her back. Louis was leaning over her, his face dangerously close. Strangely enough, she couldn't figure out why that was supposed to be a bad thing. His peppermint breath fanned over her face and she felt her body start to warm up in a strange way.

"Several hours." Louis said. Was his face getting closer? And why was he staring at her mouth?

"Oh." Belle said simply. "Are we all alone?"

Louis nodded. "Yeah, everyone's gone. It's just you and me." Okay now his face was definitely getting closer. Belle knew she should move away but couldn't figure out why.

"Mmm." Belle hummed contently as Louis' lips began to hover over hers. She reached an arm up slowly and pressed her fingertips to the back of his nape, encouraging him closer.

Then their lips pressed together. She moaned, arching her back into him as he rested his weight on her. She loved the way his body felt against hers, the rock solidness of his frame. He rested a hand against her hip, dangerously low. A warmth spread through her lower belly and she shivered at the sensation. His tongue dipped in her mouth and then ground his hips against hers, making the warmth spread.

This was so right, the way he was making her feel. In the back of Belle's mind she kept thinking this needed to stop, that there was something wrong about this situation, but she was too content to really try and think about it. All she cared about was keeping Louis' face glued to hers.

Suddenly Louis' hand moved from her hip and trailed across her stomach. His hand found her breast and he squeezed lightly, making Belle moan into his mouth. She could feel him smirking against her, so he repeated the actions. Belle's nails scratched across his back and she could feel his hardness against her thigh. God, she had missed this.

Louis' lips suddenly left hers, trailing across her jawline and down to her neck. His name left her lips in breathy gasps, and she arched her hips into his, making him groan in satisfaction. He reached a particularly sensitive area just behind her ear and her whole body jerked. He hummed against her.

Louis' fingertips suddenly skimmed over Belle's crotch and she gasped again. The bottoms of her bikini were thin, and she knew he could tell how wet she was. His lips never leaving her neck, Louis' fingers dipped inside the fabric, lightly touching her.

Then Louis leaned back to look at her face. She reached up to fist a hand in his hair. 

"Belle wake up." Louis said.

"What?" She asked, not quite comprehending that he was speaking. And his face was so blurry around the edges.

"Wake up." He repeated. Except this time, it wasn't Louis. It was Niall. His striking blue eyes bored into her own, and she felt his thick blonde hair in her fingers, instead of Louis' thin hair.

"You're getting sunburnt, wake up." It was Louis again, and Belle shook her head.

She blinked slowly, trying to make sense of things, and then suddenly it was daytime again. Louis was indeed hovering over her, but he wasn't touching her. In fact, he wasn't very close to her at all. And it was loud, the waves crashing, kids shouting, a jet ski roaring by on the water.

Suddenly it clicked.

It had been a dream. 

"Belle are you alright? You were kinda being weird, did you have a dream or something?" Louis asked, his eyebrow cocking.

Belle gasped, sitting up suddenly. Sure enough, she was wet. She groaned, putting her head in her hands.

"Fuck." She muttered.

"You've been out for about an hour or two. I know you put sunblock on earlier, so I didn't wake you up, but you're starting to look really dark so I figured I'd better wake you." Louis said, oblivious to the fact that she had just had the female version of a wet dream.

Belle flushed bright red and looked at Louis for just a second. "Yeah uh, thanks. I did have a-a really weird dream." She laughed awkwardly and stood up, slightly off balance. Louis stood up too and grabbed her arm to help steady her and she felt her knees go weak at his touch.

This was not okay. She had a boyfriend, and now she was sexually fantasizing about her ex boyfriend who she was spending five more days with in a romantic setting. 

Belle chuckled nervously again and picked up her towel, not bothering to shake off the sand. 

"I'm just going to go back to the hotel and shower and get ready for tomorrow and uh, yeah." She said, looking around at anywhere but Louis, who was very confused. "So, uh, bye." She finally said before striding up the beach and towards the hotel. Louis looked after her, confused as ever.


"No Nathan I told you weeks ago, this week is off-limits to any interviews or shows! ... I don't give a damn about the press ratings, that's not what I'm here for! ... You actually expect me to use him being here as a media story? No! He's here to help, on behalf of Syco and I-- ... I work my ass off and you know that ... I'm not doing a show and that's that! ... Why are you speaking to me like that Nathan, you know how important this is to me."

Louis listened intently from his balcony as Belle spoke on the phone to her manager. It was dark out now, around nine in the afternoon. The stars were out and the moon shone above the ocean, the light bouncing off the beautiful water. 

It was common knowledge within the band that Belle's manager Nathan was a complete and total asshole. Niall was constantly telling Louis and the boys that Belle would call him crying because Nathan was so hard on her. Belle was a tough cookie, she'd faced many hardships in her life. But she still had feelings, which Nathan had effectively destroyed over the past few months.

From what it sounded like to Louis, Nathan was trying to schedule interviews and shows this week for Belle, when she was stressed out enough with board meetings every day over Allies for Alan, which meant a lot to her. It also seemed like that little prick wanted to stir up drama about 'Louelle' again.

As Louis leaned on his balcony railing, staring out at the water and eavesdropping on Belle, she suddenly strode out onto her balcony as well. She was only wearing a tshirt that reached low on her hips, black underwear peeking out. Her hair was still wet from her shower, and fell over her shoulders. Louis' groin suddenly tightened and he shifted uncomfortably.

"I don't care what you tell them ... You honestly don't value anything except press and money do you?" Belle continued, oblivious to Louis' presence on their conjoined balcony, a short rail separating them. Her posture showed how stressed she was, shoulders slightly hunched and her free arm crossed over her chest.

Suddenly though, Nathan said something that made Belle duck her head, her shoulders relaxing, but not in a good way. He said something that cut deep.

"It's not like that." Belle said softly. Louis heard murmurs on the other end of her phone. "Okay, I promise. I just...I guess I can do the shows if it's that important and I--"

Louis couldn't take it anymore. He hopped over the separating railing onto Belle's balcony, making her jump at his presence. Before she could say anything though, he snatched the phone out of her hand.

"Hey what are you--"

"Scuse me, Nathan is it? Hi this is Louis Tomlinson and you are a low-life prick who is putting way too much stress on Belle. So don't schedule any interviews or shows, don't tell the press any made up rumors of your own, and certainly don't call Belle whatsoever this week. And if you do any of those things, I will personally get Syco to revoke your contract? Understood? Good."

With that, Louis ended the call dramatically and held Belle's phone out to her. She stood there speechless, her eyes watery and her bottom lip quivering slightly. Louis was grinning triumphantly.

Belle couldn't believe he did that for her. And she knew that Nathan would do exactly what Louis asked. He was Louis Tomlinson after all, you couldn't really say no to him in this industry.

"Why did you do that?" Belle finally asked in a whisper, looking down at her feet. Louis was shirtless, again. Gosh, would it kill him to put some clothes on?

Louis chuckled. "Because that guy is a dick." He said bluntly. Belle chuckled and looked back up at him. 

"Well...thank you." She finally said. "Honestly, thank you."

Louis beamed, his smile reaching his eyes. He had finally done something to genuinely make Belle happy. Even if it meant he had to threaten someone.

"Anytime love." He replied.

At that moment, both Louis and Belle realized they were standing dangerously close. His bare chest was just inches away from her own, and he could smell her floral shampoo from her still-wet hair. She looked dazzling, illuminated by the moonlight in all her most natural beauty. He had never wanted to kiss her as much as he did at that moment.

Louis' presence was overwhelming to Belle, the smell of his familiar aftershave setting her senses on fire. His chest was so close to her, and she was desperate to just run her hands over his broad, bare shoulders. 

Simultaneously, both Louis and Belle began to lean in, painfully slow. When their lips were just centimeters about, dangerously dancing over one another, the only sound they could hear was the crashing of the waves and their own shallow breaths. Louis' hands found their way to her waist, and his calloused fingertips grazed over the skin showing beneath her tshirt. Belle placed a palm on Louis' hard stomach, not pushing him away, but curling her body into his almost.

Their lips just barely touched then, not even enough to count as a kiss. But the spark was there. And it might as well have lit up the night.

"Wait no, stop." Belle suddenly said, coming to her senses. She jumped away from Louis, and he released her begrudgingly. He'd wanted to hold her tight and never let go. "What are we doing?" She asked in an almost whisper, as if people could hear them on their lone balcony at this time of night.

Louis took a step closer to her. "You know exactly what we were doing. What we both have wanted to do for a long, long time."

Belle shook her head, closing her eyes and taking a couple more steps backwards. "No I can't, I'm with Niall now. I just can't Louis I--"

Belle backed up into the back railing, no where left to go. Louis took this chance to step all the way up to her. She arched her back over the railing, trying to create as much distance as possible between them. Louis simply placed both his hands on the railing on either side of her, leaning over her and staring straight into her eyes.

"Belle." He said seriously. "I know you're with Niall. And I know you probably care about him loads. He's a great guy and he really likes you, it's expected." Then Louis leaned in and whispered hotly in Belle's ear, making her whole body shiver. "But I also know that I could make you so much happier. And I'm going to fight for you, no matter what it takes."

Belle closed her eyes and shivered as Louis then pressed a feather light kiss to the base of her neck.

"So whenever you decide to let your heart have what it truly wants, unlock that door between our rooms babe." He added finally before disappearing off the balcony and into his room in mere seconds.

Belle's eyes flew open as she realized his presence was suddenly missing. She was breathing heavily, still backed up against the railing. Her face was flushed.

Managing to push herself up and walk into her room despite her wobbly knees, Belle closed the sliding glass door that led out to the balcony and made her way to the separating door where Louis was on the other side.

Belle's hand grabbed the lock. Louis listened on the other side. She halfway unlocked it, ready to give in to what her heart truly desired more than anything at that moment, despite the consequences.

Then at the last second, Belle locked it back shut as hard as she could, stepping back away from the door hastily. 

Belle wasn't a cheater, she would never do that to Niall no matter how badly she wanted Louis.

Louis sighed, resting his head against the wooden door in defeat. But this wasn't over. He still had five more days to make Belle choose him, to realize that she was still in love with him.

Five more days to get the love of his life back.




Hi everybody!! I'm so so so so SO sorry that it's taken me so long to update. I'm a senior in high school and final exams have been KILLING ME. But that's no excuse, I'm still sorry.

So as I write this, I am preparing to board a flight to Africa on a mission trip with my church. I'll be gone until the 24th, with no internet (excuse me while I cry). So there won't be any update until after then, and I'll do my best for it to be SOON after I get back :) I appreciate any and all thoughts, prayers, good vibes, etc. thrown my way while I'm overseas!

I love you all, and thanks for reading!

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