Breaking Free

Ever felt smothered by everyone else's idea of what your life should be like? Have you ever just wanted to say "Stop! It's my life!" to those closest to you? We all have, haven't we? I bet you were too afraid to do it though. So you kept your mouth shut, and did exactly what you always told yourself you would never do: you followed the rules set by people who don't really know you, and let THEM control your life. But what could happen if you finally just said no? If you decided to follow your own dream? Would something amazing happen? Would you fall in love? Would you find what you've been looking for your whole life? What could happen if you just...broke free?


23. Quick Author's Note!

This is a quick author's note, I'm sorry it's not a real update, but I've had some people asking via Twitter (I'm @justafangirl4 by the way) who I picture the characters in my fanfics as.

Well in Breaking Free, there are only two pretty big characters that I made up all on my own, and that's Belle and Alan (yes, that IS a hint that Alan is coming back into the story soon).

For Belle I picture her as the actress Alexandra Chando. She's the main character in The Lying Game on ABC Family, and if you don't know who she is, LOOK HER UP, she's gorgeous :)

For Alan I picture male model and actor Alex Pettyfer (mmhmm, he's very nice to look at).

So there you go in case any of you were wondering, that's who I see in MY vision of Breaking Free. And of course, our five amazing boys ;)

So that's all for this author's note, sorry if you got excited thinking it was an update and it wasn't :( I hate it when author's do that, gosh I'm such a hypocrite. But don't worry! The next update will be worth the wait ;)

Well leave me a comment on what you think so far, or just say hi if you want :) And don't forget to follow me on Twitter @justafangirl4.

Much love! xx

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