Breaking Free

Ever felt smothered by everyone else's idea of what your life should be like? Have you ever just wanted to say "Stop! It's my life!" to those closest to you? We all have, haven't we? I bet you were too afraid to do it though. So you kept your mouth shut, and did exactly what you always told yourself you would never do: you followed the rules set by people who don't really know you, and let THEM control your life. But what could happen if you finally just said no? If you decided to follow your own dream? Would something amazing happen? Would you fall in love? Would you find what you've been looking for your whole life? What could happen if you just...broke free?


29. Home


Author's Note: Hello lovely readers! This chapter is dedicated to "AllyH1d" because she comments after every update and always make me smile :) Hope you all like this chapter, it's a really long one ;) Enjoy and don't forget to like, fav, and comment! xx


Belle's dad smiled evilly, and Belle's entire frame shook with anger.

"What the fuck Dad?!" She shouted. "You think you can just kidnap me off the street in the middle of the day?! I'm eighteen years old I can do whatever the hell I want and you--"

"Anabelle, please watch your language." Belle's father, Damian, interrupted, "And if you would let us--"

"Belle." She cut him off with a hiss. "My Belle."

Damian leaned back in his seat and nodded thoughtfully. "Alright, I apologize. Belle, let me explain, I'm begging you."

"Explain what?" Belle spat. "That you and him," She nodded her head at Alan, who finally looked up at her sadly. "Just abducted me?!" Her voice was borderline hysterical at this point.

Alan started to try and defend himself. "Belles please, I never meant to hurt you I still--"

"Don't you dare call me that Alan." Belle hissed, glaring at Alan with intense hatred. "You and I are done."

Alan opened his mouth to say something as hurt flashed across his face, but instead just turned his head away from Belle to look out the tinted window as the black SUV sped down the streets of London.

"Darling please." Damian said. Belle crossed her arms and looked at him with her chin held up high. She said nothing. "Alright then, I'll take your silence as willingness to hear us out. Now listen to me dear, when you ran away your mother and I were worried sick."

"Ha!" Belle barked out a bitter laugh. "Likely story, you were both probably jumping for joy!"

"No Belle, we weren't. Your mother was especially upset. To leave without saying anything, just a note? She was devastated."

Belle was silent, relaxing her shoulders a bit. Had her mom really been upset? But she acted like she couldn't stand Belle the majority of the time, why would she even care that Belle left?

Damian continued. "Now listen to me dear, I don't understand this silly dream of yours to become a singer and go on tour and all that nonsense," Belle rolled her eyes. "But that is beside the point. The reason I have you here right now is because the company is going downhill darling."

Belle's ears perked up at the mention of Costa Enterprises. "W-What?" She stuttered.

Damian nodded solemnly. "It's true. When the media caught wind that the famous Costa Enterprises heiress had run away from the company she was supposed to take over, our sales dramatically went down. Incidentally though, Fuller Chemicals' sales increased drastically."

Belle's eyes flicked to Alan, whose jaw was clenched tight.


Everything made sense now. She'd been the daughter of a CEO for long enough now that she understood business fairly well. Consumers back home in America must have switched to buying their chemical supplies from Alan's father's company because they thought Costa Enterprises had low integrity since Belle had run away.

Belle chuckled sadly and shook her head, finally leaning back in her seat.

"Do you understand our dilemma?" Damian asked firmly.

Belle looked up at him with an unreadable expression. "Yeah." She said simply. "You want me to come back with you and help with the company so that you can get your sales back up because the golden child will be back. Thus causing Fuller Chemicals to lose more money because their only competition will be back."

"Exactly." Damian said with a satisfied smile. "And if you come back, it will mark the third time that Costa Enterprises has won out over Fuller, and that will be the end of him! His industry will crash and burn, and Costa Enterprises will be the leading chemical supplier in the country darling, maybe even the world! Once we get back on top, you can pursue any music career you want! Just help us get back to being number one Belle. I need you. We need you." He added that last sentence with a nod in Alan's direction.

Belle cocked her head to the side in confusion. Alan was the one factor that she didn't quite understand. "Wait what do you have to do with this?" She asked him.

Alan slowly turned to look at her. "You're not the only one who wants to get away from the business life Belle." He said firmly, staring at her intensely before looking back out the window.

Belle dipped her head a bit and rubbed her temples, contemplating the situation. "But what about when Fuller Chemicals goes underground?" She suddenly asked.

"What about it?" Damian replied. "Then the dirty crook will get the fate he deserves! We'll be back on top Belle!" He finished with a wide smile.

"But...But hundreds of people will lose their jobs." Belle said quietly. "Maybe even thousands, Dad. Those people have homes, families, children. You can't take that away from them if Costa is still managing!"

Damian chuckled and shook his head. "Darling this is just a fact of life, people lose their jobs everyday. This is a dog-eat-dog world, we have to think of ourselves first."

Belle made eye contact with her father and at first thought to herself, 'You know what, maybe he's right. Even if I don't like the business world I certainly don't want my family's business to go in the hole. And he said I could have any music career that I want once we get back on top. Maybe...'

But then Belle came to her senses. She scrunched her face up in disgust as she saw something flash in her father's eyes. Something vile. There was more to his little plan, he wasn't doing this for the greater good of Costa Enterprises, he was up to something. She flicked her eyes back to Alan and suddenly everything clicked.

"You're lying." She said quietly.

"What?" Damian asked with fake innocence.

"You're lying!" Belle's voice rose in pitch quickly. "I bet Alan has already told you all of his dad's dirty little secrets, you're not just going to outsell Fuller Chemicals, you're going to bury him! You've always hated competition so you're going to take it out on all the innocent people who work there and use me to make yourself look better! I-I bet you're even going to have Alan and I get married! Geez Dad, you don't have any boundaries do you? You'll hurt whoever it takes to make Costa Enterprises bigger, even your daughter! How could you--"

"Belle stop!" Alan suddenly shouted, cutting her off. Belle leaned back and looked at him in utter shock. "God, just shutup! You don't get it do you?" He asked arrogantly. "You got to come out here and have your little dream, you got a boyfriend, you got to have your happily ever after. I didn't!" Belle shrunk back in her seat. "We grew up in this world Belle, it's a part of you and I both, whether you like it or not. So suck it up for once! You don't belong here, you belong in a corner office just like me!"

"What, so you can kidnap me to make that happen?!" Belle retorted quickly.

"We didn't kidnap you Belle!"

"Oh yeah? So what do you call being dragged off the street and thrown into a black car with tinted windows and--"

"Kids stop!" Damian interrupted, holding his hand up in between Belle and Alan who were both leaning forward as they screamed at each other. They held angry eye contact for a few more seconds before Damian started speaking again in a calm voice. "Anabelle you have not been kidnapped. You are completely free to go."

"Huh?" Belle asked surprised.

Damian leaned back and tapped the glass to where the driver was. A small sliding plate was pulled back and Damian whispered something back to them. Belle's eyes flitted to Alan's in confusion but his expression was stone cold.

Suddenly the car came to a stop and Belle looked out the window.

"What the..."

"We've just been driving around the block darling." Damian said matter-of-factly. Belle looked up at the London arena where she was suppose to be meeting with the boys and management right now.

"But...but you said--"

"You can walk out right now and never speak to me nor Alan again if you'd like Belle." Damain said, folding his hands over his lap. "But you must understand something first." He leaned forward in his seat and spoke very gravely. "If you go in there and pursue your little singing career, then Costa Enterprises may crash and burn. Your mother and I will go bankrupt. Our workers will lose their jobs Belle, thousands of them! And you can't forget about Alan." Belle bit her lip and glanced at Alan. "Do you really want your childhood best friend to have to face his father after betraying him for you?"

"For me?"

"Yes, for you. Alan came to me Belle. He said he'd rather be a part of our family's company than be a part of our lead competitor. He said he felt as though he had betrayed you."

Belle looked at Alan sadly. "Alan is that true?"

Alan said nothing but looked at her with glassy eyes. She could have sworn she saw something pass over his eyes, something that said he wanted to tell her more.

"It's true." Damian said, jerking her attention back to him. "Now you have a choice to make here darling. Do you choose to further your family's success? Or do you choose to get out of this vehicle and go back to your little tour and some silly boyfriend?" He took a long, dramatic pause. "Isn't family more important?"

Family was first, no matter how much she disliked her mother and father she couldn't abandon them if they really were in serious trouble without her. And damn it, Belle had almost forgotten about Louis. Things had just started going well between them, and now this had to happen. Her family's business could go under if she didn't go back. Her mother would be broken, she lived for business functions. And her dad would never be able to get another job in the industry.

Belle's eyes flitted back to Alan and he was looking at her intensely, as was Damian. Alan leaned his head back out of Damian's vision and Belle saw her childhood friend mouth three simple words to her.

"Leave the car."

Belle's pretty brown eyes grew wide and she risked another glance at her father, who was intently staring at her. She looked back to Alan and he very discreetly shook his head from side to side. He mouthed at her again.

"He's lying."


"Damn it Paul I don't who they were, I've already said that fifteen times!" Louis shouted, throwing his hands up in the air as he paced back and forth in the room with security and management. Everyone was frantically typing in their phones or calling someone.

As soon as the black SUV had gotten out of sight, Louis had literally sprinted to the arena to tell Paul that Belle had been taken from him right off the street. There were already two security teams roaming the streets looking, and the local police had been notified.

"Calm down mate, we're doing everything we can." Zayn said calmly, putting a hand on Louis' shoulder.

"Don't tell me to calm down!" Louis shouted, throwing Zayn's hand away from him and stepping back to look at his friend incredulously. "You didn't just have your girlfriend kidnapped right in front of you dammit!" The room went deadly quiet.

"Louis what do you want us to do?" Zayn asked quietly.

Louis looked around and saw Harry, Liam, and Niall looking at him sadly. They were almost as upset as he was. He shook his head and sat down in the nearest chair, putting his head in his hands and letting the tears stream down his face. "There's nothing you can do Zayn. I'm sorry. I just...I need her back, she has to be okay..."

Louis thought he heard Niall sniffle as well but he didn't bother to look up. Minutes passed and he thought over the situation.

His life had finally been perfect: He was in a band with his best mates, he was living the dream, and he had a beautiful and kindhearted girl to finally call his own. She was everything he'd been looking for. How could this have happened? And who the hell had taken Belle? Did she know them? She had acted as if she recognized the two guys who had jumped out of the SUV, and if so, how? Were they going to hurt her? Was anybody else in the vehicle? Why would someone even want to take Belle?

The room was busy again, management calling people and security trying to figure out where Belle was. Hell, it had been fifteen minutes since she had been taken, she couldn't be that far away!

"I can walk by myself thank you very much!"

Louis' head shot up like lightning. At first he thought that the familiar voice had been just a figment of his imagination, but the other boys were looking at the door where it had come from with just as much shock as him. Harry turned to face Louis.

"Was that...?"

Louis stood up quickly, incidentally knocking over his chair in the process as he speedwalked towards the hallway where the voice came from. "I don't know, but it sure as hell sounded like it." Louis mumbled as he jerked opened the door and begin walking towards where he thought he may have heard her, the boys trailing closely behind.

Louis was shoving people left and right as he speedwalked down the hall, and received some very nasty looks in return, but he didn't care. That voice had sounded just like her...

"Oh my gosh, I'm the girl everyone is looking for, just let me back there!"

Louis smiled wide as he heard what he knew for certain was Belle's voice, the boys struggling to keep up with his quickened pace.

"Right." Someone said sarcastically. "You're Belle Costa, the girl who was just kidnapped? Likely story hun, how about you try and meet the boys some other time." A big burly security guard said, taking up the entrance to the hallway with his huge frame. Louis could make out familiar brown hair over the man's shoulder though.

"Look dude, I'm not a fan, I swear I'm actually the real--"

"Belle!" Louis shouted, and the security guard moved back to show Belle's entire body. They both smiled wide as they made eye contact and Belle shoved the security guard out of her way. They both began sprinting towards each other, everyone else blocked out from their mind.

They collided in a massive embrace, Belle wrapping her arms around Louis' neck and holding onto him for dear life. Louis wrapped his arms around her small waist, arching his back and picking her up off the ground as he dug his face in her neck.

"I was so worried babe, I thought I'd lost you, I-I thought you might be hurt." Louis mumbled into Belle's hair as he gently brought her back down to the ground. He leaned his head back to look at her face and saw that she was smiling through the tears. He moved some hair away from her face and rested his forehead against hers. "What happened?" He asked quietly, breathing in deeply.

"Belle!" Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn shouted as they finally caught up, surrounding the couple. Belle looked up at them and smiled, tears streaming down her face.

"Belle what the hell happened?" Liam asked quickly.

"We thought you were gone!" Niall weighed in.

Belle chuckled sadly and grabbed both of Louis' hands with her own and squeezed them tight. "Louis told you the truth, I was taken." She said simply. "It was my dad and Alan."

"Alan?" Louis asked quickly, his eyes turning red with anger. "But he said that--"

"He lied Lou." Belle interrupted solemnly. "He only came here to find out where I was and tell my dad. It wasn't any friendly visit."

Louis clenched his jaw shut and stepped away from Belle and took a few angry strides before slamming his fist against the wall. "I knew I didn't like that guy! Where the hell is he?" Louis fumed, and Belle walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, calming him down.

"He's gone Lou, him and my dad both." She said in a soothing tone. "They let me go and drove off as quick as they could."

"Wait they just...let you go?" Harry asked slowly and disbelievingly. Belle and Louis turned to look at him.

"Yeah, they did." Belle said. "My dad said I had to choose between my family and going on tour. He made some threats too, but basically I had to pick one over the other for him to let me go."

The boys went silent. " chose the tour?" Zayn finally asked tentatively.

Belle smiled meekly. "No. I chose my family." The boys' faces fell and Louis' jaw dropped.

"W-What?" Louis asked, tears beginning to form in his eyes. "So y-you're leaving us, you're going back to America to--"

"Louis shhh." Belle said, putting a finger to Louis' lips to quiet him before taking his hand back in her own. She smiled up at his sad face. "Louis, I'm going on tour."

Louis cocked his head to the side. "But you said..."

Belle chuckledand smiled thoughtfully before putting her hand on Louis' cheek.

"Louis, you guys are my family now. I chose the tour. I chose you."

Louis' smile took up his entire face as he realized the sacrifice Belle had made. He grinned at her for just a second before leaning down and kissing her roughly, picking her up and spinning her while smiling against her lips.

The other boys whooped and high fived, grinning like idiots.

Louis sat Belle down and finally broke the kiss and they rested their foreheads against each other, smiling bigger than ever before.

"Alright group hug!" Liam shouted suddenly, and the boys surrounded Belle and gave her a bone crushing hug while she laughed hysterically.

For Belle, this felt so right. Being with the boys to do what she loved to do was more fulfilling than anything she had ever done back in America. Belle smiled to herself as she realized home isn't always where you grow up, or where your parents are, or a family company that you're supposed to inherit. Home is wherever you make it, wherever you're happy and find fulfillment. And as the boys all took turns hugging her, and telling her how much they loved her and were glad she was safe, Belle realized something else:

This was Belle's home now. Where these boys were, it was home.

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