Breaking Free

Ever felt smothered by everyone else's idea of what your life should be like? Have you ever just wanted to say "Stop! It's my life!" to those closest to you? We all have, haven't we? I bet you were too afraid to do it though. So you kept your mouth shut, and did exactly what you always told yourself you would never do: you followed the rules set by people who don't really know you, and let THEM control your life. But what could happen if you finally just said no? If you decided to follow your own dream? Would something amazing happen? Would you fall in love? Would you find what you've been looking for your whole life? What could happen if you just...broke free?


31. Go Get 'Em


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So this chapter is dedicated to the user going by the name of "OneDirectioner" because she commented about a week or so ago and casually asked if I ever considered becoming a writer. And thanks to you...I sort of am now! So this one is for you babe ;)

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As Belle stepped out onto the massive stage and looked up at the bright lights, the arena went wild. The amount of fans screaming was absolutely deafening, and as Belle's vision adjusted she saw all the teenage girls (most around her age) and the crazy posters. There was not one empty seat in the huge Manchester Arena.

Belle smiled at the crowd and the roar just got even louder. All the butterflies she'd previously had were gone and she was finally able to revel in the fact that she was actually doing it; she was on stage, looking beautiful, with just her guitar and her voice.

She was living her dream.

Belle's heels clicked against the linoleum stage as she made her way to the stool and the microphone at the center of the stage, with the spotlight following her. The fans started to quiet down a bit as she sat down on the stool and put her guitar strap over her shoulder, pulling the microphone down to her mouth.

A chorus of "shhh"s went around the arena and Belle grinned widely. She took in a deep breath and leaned into the microphone to speak.

"Hey guys how's it going?"

The fans went crazy the second Belle opened her mouth, and Belle covered her ears whilst smiling and chuckling. A few seconds passed and she began to speak again, the crowd getting mildly quieter.

"Wow, you guys are really loud." Belle said cheerfully, her voice booming over the arena while the fans laughed. She smiled and continued. "Well, uh, as most of you all know, I'm Belle Costa--"

A certain fan near the front shouted out "Woo!" really loud and Belle laughed, looking in the direction of where it came from.

"Thank you, for that." She said cheekily. "So like I was saying, I'm Belle Costa and I'm going to sing you lovely people a couple of songs on my guitar. Sound good?" The crowd went wild and Belle laughed. "Alright then, great! I'm sure a lot of you have heard this song, so sing along if you know the words. Okay, here we go."

With that, the arena quieted a bit and Belle started to strum the guitar. She slowly got lost in the music as she always did, and the crowd got loud again as they recognized the song.

Jar of Hearts was a very significant song to Belle, as it pertained to her previous relationship with Brock, the guy that Alan beat the hell out of when he broke Belle's heart. When Brock left Belle sitting on her ass heartbroken and torn, she sang that song over and over again just to make it through. In the end, it ended up being one of her best songs to play and sing. The crowd obviously loved it as well, singing along and swaying to the music.

Belle opened her eyes about halfway through the song and saw all the beautiful Directioners out there in the crowd and smiled. These were girls just like her: going through life, dating boys, suffering heartbreaks, chasing after dreams, finding themselves. Not to mention that they loved five amazing boys just as much as she did.

Belle finished out the song and the crowd cheered wildly, Belle beaming.

"Thank you, thank you." Belle said into the microphone, blushing and looking down at the stage. She looked back up and brushed her hair back with her fingers. "Wow, so I was just thinking to myself how beautiful you all are, and how I'm honestly just like all of you." The crowd hushed after just a few seconds. "I'm eighteen years old, nineteen in just two weeks, and as most of you know, I grew up as an 'heiress'." She used air quotes around the word 'heiress'. "But honestly, that didn't change the fact that I grew up with mean kids that bullied me, boyfriends that broke my heart, and classes at school that made me want to pull my hair out." The crowd laughed and Belle paused for a second before getting sentimental again. "And I also had a dream. And if I hadn't chased after that dream, I wouldn't be up here in front of you all. So I guess what I want to say to you all is," Belle took a long pause and looked out at the massive crowd and resisisted the urge to let a tear fall down her cheek. "Don't give up on your dreams, ever. And if anyone ever tries to break you down, don't let them. You're all beautiful and you can do anything in the world you set your mind to. So uh, even when,

Skies are crying. I am watching. Catching teardrops in my hand."

Belle went straight into the beginning of Skyscraper, by Demi Lovato, and the crowd started going crazy as soon as she did, but soon got quiet again as the deep song took its weight on the arena. Belle loved this song, even if it was one of the most difficult to sing. People tried to tear her down each and every day, and unfortunately it was most often the people closeset to her. So she could certainly relate to the lyrics.

The song came out beautifully, Belle's unique voice taking over the arena as she made the amazing song her own. The crowd held up their phones as if they were lighters and swayed to the song. Belle smiled and sang her heart out for all the beautiful Directioners. Most were singing along and Belle even saw one girl at the very front crying, her friend wrapping her arms around slightly shaking frame. Belle smiled down at the girl, who grinned back widely.

The butterflies only started to come back for Belle when she started approaching the high note near the end of the song that the boys, mostly Liam, had been helping her hit for the past month. She'd only got it perfect a few times, and it was iffy every other time. But she couldn't screw up now, she had to get that note right. This was her big break, there wasn't any room for error.

Just as Belle approached the note, she thought to herself,

'Belle. You can do this, you know you can. Do it for these fans, do it for the boys, do it for your family even if they don't understand, and do it for yourself.'

As Belle reached the oh so high note, it came out perfectly, surprising the crowd as well as herself. The fans started cheering and Belle smiled as she sang her heart out for the remainder of the song. As it came to a close, Belle strummed the last note on her guitar, and let it ring out for a moment. A split second passed and the crowd roared the loudest they'd had the whole time she had been on stage. Belle absolutely beamed, taking the guitar strap off and standing up from the stool, bowing to the crowd. As she stood back up to her full height, she saw a flash of movement offstage to her left and she glanced over and saw Louis clapping as well, out of the audience's sight, smiling. She bit her lip as she looked over at her amazing boyfriend, and he winked before running off to where he and the other boys were supposed to run on stage in less than a minute. She turned back to the crowd. The clapping and yelling continued for a good bit and Belle laughed, letting it ride out and revelling in every single bit of it before stepping back up to the microphone.

"Thank you, thank you everyone." She said, and the crowd hushed a bit. "You guys are one awesome crowd and you're all beautiful!" The roar started up again so Belle talked over them in a hurried tone before it got too crazy. "But now I'm out of here, so here they are, the one and only, the five boys we all know and love, IT'S ONE DIRECTION!"

Belle stepped back as a stagehand quickly ran out and grabbed the stool and microphone she had been using and Belle quickly waved bye to the now screaming crowd as she stepped back and opened her arms to where the boys were running on stage in their typical fashion. She quickly hurried off the stage as quickly as she could and looked back just in time to see Niall do his signature jump. She laughed breathlessly and leaned back against a wall backstage beside the heavy black curtain, where Louis had been standing earlier. She sat her guitar down and crossed her arms and ankles, leaning back and watching the boys do what they did best.

Belle smiled proudly as the boys jumped straight into their first song, their energy absolutely contagious. Their voices were flawless of course, and the crowd was singing and dancing to the song, holding up their hands and screaming, some of them even crying. Belle chuckled and looked at Louis.

She loved to watch Louis sing because it seemed that he was always smiling. Even when he was hitting a ridiculously high note, or just singing backup to one of the other boys' solos, he always smiled. Louis was amazing at what he did, and he loved it too. He was just so great, and Belle couldn't believe he was all hers. She also still couldn't believe he truly loved her.

Louis quickly looked over at her and winked at Belle while Liam sang one of his solos. She laughed and blew him an air kiss. He smiled before turning back to the song.

Belle chuckled and uncrossed her ankles, picking up her guitar and looking back to the stage one more time before starting her search of Lou to change out of her ridiculously uncomfortable gold sequin dress.

"Go get 'em, babe." She whispered.

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