Nightmare to a Dream

Autumns life is the worst, her dad beats her. Her life is a Nightmare! Then one day it all changes! Read and find out! Hailey&Ashlynn


4. Restless Night

  Autumns pov.

I layed down on the couch that Niall covered with blankets and a pillow for me. I thought of how lucky I was to have a friend like Niall and then the events that occurred today ran through my mind. If it wasn't for Niall I wondered what it was I would have done about the loser Joe, I couldn't even bare to think about that prick. My life was a living hell with him and Niall has saved me from him, I was truly greatful. As I thought this a tear trickled down my cheek, so I just wiped it away and let out a little sniffle.I realized that I was crying now, which is something I haven't done since my mother passed "Bless her heart" I thought. It has been hard since she had gone, but since that day that I layed in that hospital bed with my bald and scarred but beautiful dying mother I'd tried to be the best that I could be even if I lived with that douche bag Joe. By then I realized I was sobbing, then I heard someone say,

"Hey Autumn, What's wrong?" 

It was Niall.

"Oh Niall, What are you doing up?" I asked.

"Hey I asked you a question first" he said.

"Well I was just thinking, you know, about everything and how greatful I am to have such a great friend like you"

"Awe Autumn you know I'll always be here for you"

"Yeah, thank you for that" I smiled "So you going to answer my question?" I asked him.

"Oh, right! I just can't sleep,so I came out here to get a glass of water." He smiled sweetly.

"Oh Ni! I know you're worried about me, don't pretend, go back to bed now I'm not going to keep you up."

"Yeah, but I ..." 

"Shh" I told him. "don't worry go back to bed"

"um, okay well I just..."

"Ni, don't stress, go on to bed"

as he walked away he turned around and said,

"A, I Love You Goodnight"

"I love you too Ni, Night" 

I watched as he went into his room and shut the door, then I layed down and fell asleep.  

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