Nightmare to a Dream

Autumns life is the worst, her dad beats her. Her life is a Nightmare! Then one day it all changes! Read and find out! Hailey&Ashlynn


3. Meeting the boys!

"We are hear because were friends, and cant friends eat lunch together." said Niall

"Niall, why are we really here? asked Autumn

"Okay fine Autumn I know we have been friends for along time, but I really like you, that's why we're here!" said Niall

"Excuse me here is the bill." said the waiter.

"Thanks." said Niall

"Well lets get going." said Autumn

At the One Direction house;

"Hello boys we're home!" said Niall

"We're?" asked Zayn

"Yes this is Autumn, she's a friend of mine!" said Niall

"Well hello" said Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis!

"Hello boys!"

"She's not a crazed fan right?" asked Harry

"I'm a fan but not crazed." said Autumn

"Okay well welcome to the house!" said Zayn

"Watch it is a mess around here!" said Liam

"Oh its fine." said Autumn

"Okay well its late we should all get to bed!" said Louis

"Ha well where is Autumn going to sleep?" asked Harry

"She can sleep....."

"I'll sleep on the couch is that okay?" asked Autumn.

"Yeah that's fine I guess." said Niall.

"Okay night boys!" said Autumn. 

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