Nightmare to a Dream

Autumns life is the worst, her dad beats her. Her life is a Nightmare! Then one day it all changes! Read and find out! Hailey&Ashlynn


2. Lunch with Niall

"Niall where are we going?" asked Autumn.

"We are going to Lola's so you can get a new outfit!" said Niall

 "No Niall you don't have to!" said Autumn

"Yes then im taking you somewhere special!"

"okay i guess" said Autumn.

In Lola's;

"I like these, Niall do you?" asked autumn

"Yeah i do. " said Niall

"Okay i want these." said Autumn

"Hi was everything okay?" asked the clerk

"Yes it was great!" said Autumn

"Great your total is $165.00."said the clerk

"dang Autumn did you check the price?"said Niall

"Sorry i didn't  is it fine or no?" asked Autumn

"Your fine " said Niall

"Okay thanks,have a nice day" said the clerk.

"Where are we going Niall?" asked Autumn

"I cant tell you,but we are going to lunch."

"oh fine"

At lunch with Niall;

"can i open my eyes?"


"Nandos yay my favorite!" said Autumn

"Mine too!" said Niall. "Table for two please."

 "Right this way." said the waiter "Do you know what you both want?" asked the waiter.

"yes Perri Perri chicken!" said Niall

"This is good so why are we here?" asked Autumn. 

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