Nightmare to a Dream

Autumns life is the worst, her dad beats her. Her life is a Nightmare! Then one day it all changes! Read and find out! Hailey&Ashlynn


1. Waking up from a Nightmare.

"Autumn, Autumn wake up!" screamed Autumn's step dad Joe "What do you want?" Autumn screamed   

"Don't you ever yell at me like that, I don't know who you think you are!" screamed Joe as he slapped her. "Don't you have work today!"

"No Joe i don't "

"Well i don't care what you think but your still going to work!" "Uggh Fine." said Autumn.

When Joe left Autumn grabbed her bag and filled it with clothes and everything she needed. Autumn also grabbed her life savings she had so far it was about 1,500 dollars. After that Autumn grabbed her phone and called her best friend she knew since kindergarten, Niall!

"Hello." said Niall

"Niall,Niall i need you to come pick me up at my house, go drive around back."

"Okay. Whats wrong though?"

"Its Joe again.."

"alright ill be right over in 5."

"okay thanks Niall,bye."

Five minutes later;

"Thanks Niall." said Autumn

"Anytime,but is that Joe?" said Niall nervously

"Hey Autumn where do you think your going??!!

"Oh yeah that's him, and as far away from you as i can!" screamed Autumn. "STEP on it Niall!" screamed Autumn as Niall sped off.

"Autumn when i find you your dead!" screamed Joe.

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