A Cinderella story; Once upon a freak.

A girl named Jessie goes to school, and everyone would pick on her, the only person who makes it worse is Harry Styles, yes him, she doesn't like him at all, he would pick on her, he's humiliates her infront of everyone, he steals her diary and reads it infront of everyone, most likely hes a nightmare to her, but there was a halloween party in school, where everyone dresses up to in costumes, but theres these two girls Carla and Nicolette who hates Jessie so much, they plan to not want her to go, they humiliated her infront of everyone, and Jessie wouldn't want to go anywhere, but her new friend Rachel, decided to help her out, they went shopping and bought a halloween costume for both of them, they also bought a mask for Jessie, so Carla and Nicolette wont see her and humiliate her again, but the thing is, Harry falls for this girl, but doesn't know that shes actually Jessie, want to know the rest? You just have to read and find out.


17. Uh oh

Tori's P.O.V

We arrived to Jessie's, well our apartment, and we couldn't find her laptop anywhere, until I saw something under her desk, I went down to try to reach it, and there were too many stuff in the way, so It wasn't easy to find it.

Niall's P.O.V

She bended down to find the laptop, and I noticed that guy, I still don't know his name started smirking, I think his name is Anton or whatever, he kept starring at her ass, I walked up to him.

"Listen Anton, Tori's mine, and she'll always be mine, so why wont you just leave." I whispered.

"Um, last time I checked I was her boyfriend here? And your not, so why the hell are you telling me that shes yours? Shes mine, by the way, my names Anthony, not Anton, close though." he whispered back.

"Oh, you know wha-" I said, but Tori got up and turned around.

"Found it!" She smiled, she set it down on Jessies bed. "Now, I'm gonna go use the bathroom really quickly." Tori said, and we both nodded our head, just before we saw her close the bathroom door, I turned my head up to Anthony.

"Listen mate, I don't wanna cause trouble here, but I'm pretty sure she has feelings for me, she doesn't need you, I bet the only reason why shes dating you is because she needs someone to make her feel happy, but I'm guessing you're not doing that right, are you?" I said, looking up to him.

"Wow, I love looking down at leprechauns, hows it like being down there mate?" Anthony chuckled. "Oh and by the way, I did make her feel happy, well not just happy, I made her feel great, from last night.. If you know what I mean." Anthony smirked, I was really pissed off, I grabbed Anthony from the neck, pushed him up to the wall, and held my fist out.

"I may be short, I may not look strong, but if you ever come between me, and my girl, oh Lord help me, you will never see day of light ever." I snapped, and Anthony smirked, then pretended to being hurt, I didn't know what was he doing, until.

"NIALL!" .

Shit, shit, shit, she just came in the wrong time. Fuck.

"Um, Tori.." I said.

"Save it!" she said, she ran up to Anthony an hugged him tightly. "I think you should leave." she said.

"I can't, I have no ride back, and I want to see Jessie." I said.

"Okay then, you sit there, and don't do anything.." said Tori.

"Okay Ba-, I mean Okay Tori." I said.

"Hmm, I over heard the doctor talking to Harry, and they said that Jessie might be in the hosptial for a couple of more days, so she probably need some snacks and drinks, should we get her some?" Tori suggested.

"Okay." Anthony shrugged.

"Okay then, Anthony come to the kitchen with me, and Niall sit here." Tori said, and I nodded my head, I sat down on Jessie's bed, just wondering off to outer space..

It's been 9 minutes, Anthony and Tori have been taking so long, I got a little worried, so I got up from my chair, and walked toward the kitchen, seeing Tori sitting on the kitchen table, while Anthony is snogging her up, I cleared my throat, and they both turned their heads to me.

"I think I'll just take the bus." I sighed.

"Wait, Niall." Tori said.

"No, It's okay Tori, I'll Just go, I think you and Anthony should have some privacy, I'll just bring Jessie her Laptop and snacks, feel free to come visit her, really, she'll love to see you.. and Anthony." I said, trying to hold in my tears.

"B-but Niall-" Tori said, but Anthony cut her off.

"It's okay babe, we can have a little fun here, and he'll just go." Anthony said.

"Yeah, but he can't just go alone on the bus?" Tori said.

"Well, we have Jessie's car, just give him the keys, You know how to drive.. Right?" Anthony asked.

"Yeah, I know." I said, and he nodded his head, he handed me the keys, Tori gave me the snacks and drinks.

"Oh, and the laptop is on Jessie's bed, remember." Tori said, and I nodded my head, I walked towards the bed, and picked up the laptop, just as I opened the door.

"Okay, that losers gone, lets go have some fun." I heard Anthony whispered out loud.

"YEAH! I'M NOT GONE YET! AND I COULD HEAR YOU NICE AND CLEAR, AND I'M NOT THE ONE WHOS A LOSER." I yelled, I slammed the door, and walked off, the laptop was in my bag, and I was holding on to the drinks and the snacks, I got into Jessie's car, and I just sat down there, I set the bag at the back seat, and the snacks on the front seat, while the drinks were on the cup holder, and the others are just in the bag where there are snacks, I was wondering off in Jessie's car, and I saw a picture, I grabbed it, and it was our Halloween dance, she was with Harry in this one? Wait, OH YEAH! she told me about this, me and Rachel were the only one who knew about it, I was going through more of the photos, and I saw a picture of me and Rachel together, and then there was Luke with Rachel, and me with Tori, I started to tear up at the good memorys we had back in highschool.

I started to car, and drove off, I got a little hungry, so I decided to eat the snacks, when I arrived to the hospital, the bag was finished, I got out of the car, got the empty bag of 'snacks and drinks' and got the laptop, I told the nurse that I came to visit Jessica Vallino, and the nurse nodded her head.

"Follow me." she said, and so I did, she stopped near a room and I walked in, and Jess saw me.

"NIALL!!" she smiled.

"JESSIE!" I smiled back.

"Where Tori and Anthony?" Jessie asked.

"Oh, well um-" I looked down, and I couldn't answer.

"It's okay Niall, I know now, You don't have to tell me." she said, and I nodded my head. "So wheres my laptop?" she asked, I handed her my bag, and she got her laptop out.

"Oh, and heres some snacks." I smirked, she went in and opened the bag, seeing nothing inside. "Yeah, I ate some of it." I chuckled.

"Ha ha ha, very funny" she sarcastically said. "Jerk." she mumbled out loud so I could hear.

"So, where Stephen, Liam and Harry?" I asked.

"Well, Zayn called Liam over to the hotel, I don't know, Liam told me it was something about the Perrie drama, Harry and Stephen went to go use the bathroom, so they left me alone." she said.

"Awww! Well thats okay!! I'm right here." I smiled, and she laughed, after that, Harry walked in, and he lay down right next to me.

"I'M TIRED!" he whined.

"Well then, don't sleep in my bed!" I said.

"B-but I want too!! and you have to be nice to me now!! since I'm gonna be here for the hole summer! and I'm the special guest here! and you need to show some respect." Harry said. (Oh, if I haven't mention before, Paul said that we're allowed the stay in france for the hole summer, but we have to behave ourselves, because the rest of the summer theres nothing important for us to do, but we have to be back in september to work on our two new albums, we haven't come up with a name yet, since our take me home album came out in november or december, we haven't think of the names yet.)

"Well!! Not in the hospital bed." Jessie said.

"So that mean, if you're out of the hospital, I'm allowed to sleep over at your house?" Harry smiled.

"Um, I already have 3 people in my house, and I don't have enough rooms or beds, Sorry Styles." Jessie giggled.

"Well, I can always share a bed with you!" Harry smirked at Jessie.

"Um, no." Jessie said.

"Aw." Harry pouted, he crossed his arms, and just did a puppy dog face.

"Not gonna work curly boy." Jessie said, and Harry just sat on the hospitals bed with Jessie.

"well, I'm not gonna leave!" he said, Jessie came closer to Harry, and Harry thought that she was gonna kiss him so he closed his eyes and puckered up, but Jessie just bit his shoulder, "OW! What was that for." Harry said, rubbing his shoulder.

"Sorry, but when I share a bed with someone, I bite them." Jessie giggled.

"I guess I just have to get used to it, don't I?" Harry smirked, and Jessie had a digusted look, It look like Stephen was kind of pissed off, so he just walked out of the room, I went after him.

"Stephen!" I yelled, he turned around.

"What?" he snapped.

"Whats wrong mate?" I asked.

"Nothing." he said.

"Theres something wrong, do you like Jessie?" I asked.

"What? no, What are you talking about? Ew, no, shes my sisters best friend, I don't date one of my sisters best friends." Stephen said.

"But-" I said, but he walked off mysteriously, I just shrugged my shoulders. "Well good bye to you too?" I sarcastically said to myself.

A/N: I hope this chapter was good enough for you guys to read.. =/

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