A Cinderella story; Once upon a freak.

A girl named Jessie goes to school, and everyone would pick on her, the only person who makes it worse is Harry Styles, yes him, she doesn't like him at all, he would pick on her, he's humiliates her infront of everyone, he steals her diary and reads it infront of everyone, most likely hes a nightmare to her, but there was a halloween party in school, where everyone dresses up to in costumes, but theres these two girls Carla and Nicolette who hates Jessie so much, they plan to not want her to go, they humiliated her infront of everyone, and Jessie wouldn't want to go anywhere, but her new friend Rachel, decided to help her out, they went shopping and bought a halloween costume for both of them, they also bought a mask for Jessie, so Carla and Nicolette wont see her and humiliate her again, but the thing is, Harry falls for this girl, but doesn't know that shes actually Jessie, want to know the rest? You just have to read and find out.


9. The Halloween Dance.

Jessie's P.O.V

A few minutes later, Rachel came in, and she bought her costume, and everything, but wasn't wearing it, she asked if she can change here, and I nodded my head, we went to put our costumes on, and she looked so pretty in her little greenish fairy costume, but it was too short.

"Isn't that a little.. Well, too short?" I asked.

"Well.. I can't go to the dance with a long as dress, that not fairy like." she said, and I nodded my head. "I really love your dress though." she said, and I smiled.

"Thanks." I replied.

"kay, what are we doing here talking? We need to look pretty for tonight!" she said, she pushed me on to the chair, and did my make up, she said not to peek at the mirror, or she mess my face up. After she was done, she turned my chair around, and I was facing a mirror, and I gotta admit.. I love it.

"Oh my! You're so good and doing make up!" I said.

"Yeah yeah yeah! I know." she said, feeling good about herself, she than started to fix my hair, she asked if I want it tied up, but I shook my head, I'm really insecure about my hair tied, so she straighten it, and she also straighten my bangs, she did something to my hair, I can't explain, and when I look at the mirror, I was just inlove with my hair! "Like it?" she asked.

"Like it? I don't like it.. I love it!" I said, and she smiled. "kay, now I have to do your make up and hair!" I said, and she nodded her head, she took a seat, and I started off doing her make up, than hair, and she looked really pretty, when she saw it on the mirror, she had a huge smile.

"I look so pretty! Thanks Jess!" she said, giving me a hug. "What time is it now?" she asked, I went over to my phone, and checked it.

"Its 7:49." I said.

"Lets go at 8:05, where everyone is there, and they would pay all their attention on us!" Rachel smiled, and I nodded my head, I put my mask on, and we went downstairs to my aunt.

"Look at you guys!! you both are so adorable!" she said, and she smiled, I got a text from Niall.

Niall: Can I pick you guys up?

Me: Sure thing!:)

Niall: Okayyy!!:D See you in a few mins, I'll text you when I'm coming. Kay?

Me: Okay!:)

I turned back up to aunt Linda, and I responded to what she was saying. "Oh yeah, thanks Aunt Linda! We're so excited!" I said, for a few minutes of boredom, we sat down and watched a show, until I got a text from Niall again.

Niall: Kay, I'm on my waaaaaaay!!:p

Me: kay!! We'll wait.

Niall: I'll be there in 3 mins.

Me: Okay.

I checked the time and it was 8:00 already, We walked outside the door, and waited for Niall outside, he came just on time.

"Woah! two hot chicks! Need a ride?" Niall winked.

"Yeah!" I winked back, Rachel was at the front seat, and I was at the back, when we arrived to the prom, Niall held his arms out.

"Rachel?" he said, and Rachel blushed, she put her arm through Nialls arm, than Niall looked at me, and did the same. "Jess?" he said.

"Nah! You and Rach will have the moment." I said, and he nodded his head, he walked inside the school dance with Rachel, and she was just so happy, when I walked inside, everybody stopped, and was wondering who I am, I could tell by Nicolettes face, she hated me just that second.

Harry's P.O.V

Well, I came to the dance.. Alone, and I was just admiring the drinks there, when I saw Niall, locking arms with Rachel, I was surprised, but that got out of my mind, until I saw this girl, who came in, with a mask on, and her beautiful brown straight hair fell down just right, and everyone looked up to her, and was paying attention to her, and wondering who she was, when she was walking down, she walked up to the drinks, where I was, and she was trying to pick a drink.

"Hello." I said, and she turned to me. "I'm Harry! I didn't see you around here before? are you new?" I asked, yet no respond, "Here, lets get to know eachother." I said.

"Sure." she said, drinking something.

"Well, if you're new here, I gotta say, I'm the popular kid in high school, everyone loves me, and my adorable green eyes." I smiled, and she just rolled her eyes. "Did I say something wrong?" I asked, feeling a little upset.

"Oh no, you didn't." she said, We started to talk for a while, except I didn't get her name. I don't know why. After a while, a slow song came on.

"May I have this dance?" I smiled, and she smiled as well, we started to dance for a bit, and I swear, I don't know how she looks like under that mask, but I can see her beautiful smile, which I know would make her seem so beautiful, she seems so calm, and sweet. We started to dance, and I swear I could feel the spark that I never had before! Shes much more, much more better than any other girl I've met.

Tori's P.O.V

We were all hanging out, and I was expecting Jess would be here, yet, no sign of her, I saw Rachel and Niall were locking eachothers hands, oh. Wow, This girl just want me to be pissed off doesn't she? Anyway, behind them, was this girl, with a nice white dress, and a white mask on, and she had straight hair, like pin straight, and she was so happy, and her smile.. I know that smile from anywhere, but It can't be? Jessie doesn't wear stuff like that! Oh my gosh, what? I missed the shopping and everything we could of experience together? what have I become too? Whats going on?

Anyway, Jai came on to me, and he was drunk, and he started dancing on me.

"Jai, get off!" I snapped.

"No, Bitch! Tonight you're my slut! Come with me to the closet! Now." He commanded.

"NO!" I yelled, and he was pulling on to me, and he was hitting me, while I started to cry, until someone came in and pulled Jai away from me, next thing you know, I see a blond hair guy, dress in captain Irland costume, punched Jai, and Jai passed out.

Niall's P.O.V

I was dancing with Rachel, until Luke came in.

"Sorry mate, but can I steal your date here?" he smiled at Rachel.

"Sure thing! shes all yours!" I smiled, and Rachel had a huge smile, they started to dance with eachother, I went over to the drinks, and I couldn't find Jess, But I'm pretty sure shes fine. While I was taking a drink, I looked over at Jai and Tori, Jai was like grabbing on to Tori, and hitting her, and she started to cry, I couldn't help it anymore, I still do have feelings for Tori, I ran up to them, and I grabbed Jai.

"Woah Woah! Bro! Calm down!" Jai said, in his drunk tone.


"Why? Shes my girlfriend? Last time I checked, shes not yours!?" Jai laughed, and he started making fun of me, I grabbed him and punched him, and he passed out, I turned around the Tori, where there were tears coming down from her eyes.

"Tori! I miss-" I was gonna say, but she cut me off by kissing me, when we pulled away, I continued what I was gonna say missed you. We both smiled and carried on kissing, until Nicolette came in.

"Guys! If I don't have a boyfriend, Tori shouldn't be having a boyfriend either! Especially to the boy who broke my relationship with Harry, and humiliated me infront of everyone!" Nicolette said.

"Oh shut up Nicolette, no one likes you! I don't even like you, why did I ever wanna hang out with you?? You're so stupid, and like, NO ONE LIKES YOU!" Tori snapped, and we walked off.

Jessie's P.O.V

Harry was getting caught up to the moment.

"I have to show you something!" he smiled, he grabbed my hand, and we walked out of the dance, We walked upstairs, the top of the school, and we see this nice place, like it would actually be a house. "I always come up here, and whenever I'm upset, I just sit here, and relax, It makes me feel safe, and warm here, and I just.. I just love this place! When I graduate, I don't know whats gonna happen? I mean no one knows, only the janitor, but he doesn't mind." Harry said, and I sat right next to him.

"Why do you wanna show me this?" I asked.

"I don't know! I just feel like I'm connected to you some how, and I just wanted to show someone I trust. This place means everything to me" Harry said, "It's like my little brother is here." he said.

"What happen to your little brother?" I asked, but Harry looked away, and was all upset, and had tears coming down his eyes. "It's okay Harry, you don't have to tell me." I said, and he nodded his head.

It made me realise of how sweet and nice, and how Harry is a carring person. "Harry" I said.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Ki-kiss me." I whispered.

"Wh-what?" he said.

"Wait, no! I'm sorry, that just came out of no wh-" I was about the say something, until he kissed me gently, and I could feel sparks flying around, we pulled away after. "Wow." I said, and Harry had a big smile, I checked the time, and it was 11:58. "Shit!" I said.

"Wh-what is it?" he asked.

"I gotta go! I'm sorry!" I said, I ran out the door, and down stairs, I grabbed Niall and Rachel outside, and we got in the car quickly. "DRIVE DRIVE DRIIVE!" I yelled.

"Why?" Niall asked.

"It's almost 12! My aunts gonna kill me!" I yelled.

"Really! I was just having a good time with Luke!!" Rachel whined.

"You'll see him at school on monday! NOW DRIVE!" I yelled, and Niall dropped me off, and Rachel off to her house, I came home, and it was 12:01. "I'm home!" I said.

"oh! Hey girl! how was the dance? You know you could of stayed longer?" Aunt Linda said.

"REALLY? well no, because it was 2 minutes late, and I left, and than I came home at 12:01, the dance is probably over. whatever" I said, and Aunt Linda just shrugged her shoulders.

Harry's P.O.V

She left, but she left her jacket up here, but I kept it anyway.

A/N: What do you think he'll use to sweater for?

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