A Cinderella story; Once upon a freak.

A girl named Jessie goes to school, and everyone would pick on her, the only person who makes it worse is Harry Styles, yes him, she doesn't like him at all, he would pick on her, he's humiliates her infront of everyone, he steals her diary and reads it infront of everyone, most likely hes a nightmare to her, but there was a halloween party in school, where everyone dresses up to in costumes, but theres these two girls Carla and Nicolette who hates Jessie so much, they plan to not want her to go, they humiliated her infront of everyone, and Jessie wouldn't want to go anywhere, but her new friend Rachel, decided to help her out, they went shopping and bought a halloween costume for both of them, they also bought a mask for Jessie, so Carla and Nicolette wont see her and humiliate her again, but the thing is, Harry falls for this girl, but doesn't know that shes actually Jessie, want to know the rest? You just have to read and find out.


21. No.

Tori's P.O.V

"Stephen!" I said. "Why do you look so mad?" I asked.

"Shut up." he snapped, and I looked at him strangley.

"Whats wrong?" Jessie asked.

"Jess, this is not your buissness." Stephen pointed to her, he looked at me and was even more pissed off. "Why did you have sex with Anthony?" he snapped.

"Wh-what?" I said.

"Do you want me to say it much more slower to you? or do you want me to repeat it again? Slut." he said.

"Stephen." I said.

"no, Why would you do that? You may be 19 turning 20, but I know my little sister shouldn't be doing that!" Stephen said, trying to make me feel bad.

"Okay, first of all, It's my life, I'm old enough to make my own desicions, not you, I'm an adult now Stephen, Second of all, I didn't want to have sex in the first place, he forced me too, and then later on, he lead me on." I said, and Jessie had a disgusted look on her face, yet I continued. "So Stephen, yell at me, be all pissed off at me I don't care. Either way, It's my life."

"To-Tori." Stephen said, hiding his face away.

"No Stephen, c'mon, yell at me some more! I wanna hear what you're gonna say now! Come on brother. I wanna hear something." I said.

"Well, this has nothing good to relate to this topic, but lets forget about this." he said, and I looked at him, wanting to know what hes gonna say. "A girl who said she was a fortune teller said that the one I love will be hurt or something." He said, with his worried look on his face, me and Jess looked at eachother.


"It might not be true Stephen." I said.

"Yeah, but she told me to answer my phone call." he said.

"And?" I asked.

"BEFORE IT RANG!" he yelled.

"ohhh! What a coincedence." I said, holding my hands up high.

"Oh shut up!" Stephen said, and I laughed.

Harry's P.O.V

I went out to go for a walk, I just wish I never was that kind of guy who was such a jerk and abusive, I just wish I would go back in time, and just fix everything up, maybe me and Jessie would be in a relationship by then, I couldn't handle this anymore, I arrived back in the hospital, I told the male nurse guy that I needed to see Jessie, and he told me to follow him, he then came in the hospital room with me, and left, I see Stephen, Tori and Jessie on the bed.

"What are you doing here Harry?" Jessie said, giving me a death glare.

"Um, I wanted to talk to you." I said.

"I'll leave you two alone." Tori said, I nodded my head, Tori was going, but Stephen was sitting next to me. "That means us two." Tori said pulling on to Stephen walking out the door.

"But I don't wanna leave!" Stephen whined.

"Shush it!" Tori slapped his arm and they left out the door, it was me and Jessie alone.

"What do you want?" Jessie said, shoving her head into the pillow.

"I'm sorry." I said.

"I forgive you, I just don't want to see you for a while, it's just to-" I was about to finish something until I felt someones soft lips on mine, and came on the bed next to me continuing kissing me, we pulled away after.

"I'm soo soo sorry Jessie!!" Harry said, with the worried face.

"What for? Hurting me in high school, or kissing me?" I giggled.

"Uh." he said. "I'm sorry for hurting you in high school, and that kiss just came out of no where, I just wanted to kiss you so badly, because you look so beautiful and your lips were just so lonely they needed to meet mine." he said.

"They already met my lips tho Haz." I giggled again.

"Yeah, well, They wanted to kiss your lips again babe." he smiled, and I blushed, I leaned in to kiss him again, until he turned his face, so I kissed his cheek instead.

"Aww" I whined.

"You have to get me to wanting to kiss you if you want these lips!" he said, making kisses noises on me, I got on top of him, and kissed him passionatly, and he kissed back 5 seconds later, after a while we heard someone clearing their throat, me and Harry pulled away and I was still on top of Harry, yet looking at the male nurse at the door waiting, and I got off of Harry.  "Sorry." I said.

"Oh, no it's okay, I just came in to tell you that you're ready to go home, you can leave any time you want, oh and you know your two other friends, they already left the hospital." he said to Jessie, Ignoring me.

"Oh okay." Jessie said, he left. "Wait, so does that mean I can walk?" she asked me, then the male nurse came back again.

"Yeah, well, since you can't walk, someone might have to carry you, and just stay in bed for a couple of hours, until you think you can walk properly, don't forget to test it." he said, and Jessie nodded her head, I grabbed her into my arms in bridal style.

"Thanks Doc." I said.

"I'm not a doctor." he said awkwardly.

"I know, but it's kind of weird saying nurse to a guy to me, I don't know, I never seen a male nurse before." I said.

"Haha, whatever." he sarcastically said, I walked out with Jessie in my arms, and I called over a taxi, he was speaking in french, and I didn't know how to say Jessie's adress in france, I forgot, so I told him my hotel, and he nodded, as you may know, Jessie fell asleep on my arm when we were walking downstairs from the hospital, yeah I know, shes a sleeper! we arrived to the hotel, and I was just about to pay.

"Uh, I only have a dollar." I awkwardly said, but he didn't understand me, I forgot I was in France, I told him I had a dollar, and he said it was okay, so I gave it to him, I carried Jessie into my arms, and we walked upstairs, I set her down on my hotel bed, and was about to use the bathroom until someone pulled my hood, and pulled me over on the bed, and I was on top of Jessie.

"Thanks for the carry!" she giggled.

"You were up this whole time." I asked, and she nodded her head, I started to tickle her and she started to laugh.

"Get off of me Harold!" she giggled.

"NO!" I chuckled.

"Stop it!" she laughed out loud, I leaned in closer and started to kiss her, and we were making out, then I pulled away.

"I have to use the bathroom really quickly!" I got off the bed, doing to pee pee dance, and she laughed.

"okay okay! I give you permission." she giggled.

"Um, I don't need permission from you!" Harry said, and Jessie giggled again, she was sitting on the bed, and was using her laptop to do something, while I went to the bathroom to take a piss.

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