A Cinderella story; Once upon a freak.

A girl named Jessie goes to school, and everyone would pick on her, the only person who makes it worse is Harry Styles, yes him, she doesn't like him at all, he would pick on her, he's humiliates her infront of everyone, he steals her diary and reads it infront of everyone, most likely hes a nightmare to her, but there was a halloween party in school, where everyone dresses up to in costumes, but theres these two girls Carla and Nicolette who hates Jessie so much, they plan to not want her to go, they humiliated her infront of everyone, and Jessie wouldn't want to go anywhere, but her new friend Rachel, decided to help her out, they went shopping and bought a halloween costume for both of them, they also bought a mask for Jessie, so Carla and Nicolette wont see her and humiliate her again, but the thing is, Harry falls for this girl, but doesn't know that shes actually Jessie, want to know the rest? You just have to read and find out.


24. Jerkface.

Stephen's P.O.V

"Well, I'm going over to Niall's hotel." I said.

"Why?" Tori asked.

"We're just hanging out..We're like great friends now." I said, and I could tell that she knows I'm lying, but she just let it slide also.

"Okay, have fun?" she said, and I nodded my head, I walked out the door, and took Jessie's car and off to Niall's hotel, he told me his room number and I went up to it, I knocked on the door, and he opened it.

"Hey mate." I said.

"Hey, so.. Whats the plan?" he asked, I walked inside, to look around.

"Wheres Liam?" I asked.

"Oh, well Danielle came in for a surprise visit, and now they're at a romantic dinner, while I'm here, going to my ex girlfriends date.. Stephen, how would you know that he might do it tonight?" he asked.

"I don't know, I just want to protect my little sister from that jerk." I replied, and I realised something. "Anthony said something about going to someones house right now, and Tori's probably at home thinking of what to wear." I said.

"and?" Niall said.

"Lets try to find him." I said, pulling Niall, while we run downstairs and I pushed him in the car, we drove back at the flat, and we were out at the parking lot, and I see Anthony going inside a car.. Whos car is that? Anyway he didn't notice us, when that car drove off, I started the car, and was following them, hopefully they didn't see us, the car stopped at some place, and a tall girl with dark straight hair and has a dark skin came out of the car, and Anthony also went out, he walked towards her and they kissed, that little bitch.

"I KNEW IT !! I KNEW IT!" Niall jumped up in a pissed off tone.

"Niall, shut up, they might see us." I said, pulling him down, we walked closer to them and stopped.

"Oh, Talia, I love you so much." Anthony said, holding on to her hand.

"Yeah yeah yeah, but when are you gonna break up with that little slut?" the girl said.

"Soon, I'll just have to ditch her and everything, I'm glad she got me to france to see you again, I haven't seen you for 4 years already, I miss you so much babe." Anthony said, and giving her a kiss on the lips.

"That mother fuc-" Niall said, but I cut him off by putting my hand on his mouth, they walked inside to their apartment, Talia thought she shut the door, but Niall secretly put his foot out, and the door was half open, but they didn't notice when Talia kissed him, me and Niall were under the table.

"So, when are you gonna ditch her?" Talia asked.

"Well, tonight we're going on a date, but I don't think I should do that now? I mean, I've been getting alot of money from her lately, together if we combine your money, and my money, we can get buy a house together, and live in, but Talia Ferlando." Anthony said.

"Yes?" she asked, Anthony went down on his knees, and pulled out a box, while Talia was jumping up in such excitement.

"Will you, be the woman in my life! The one I will love and see every morning, the one I want to have kids with, the kids would have your looks, your personalities, and well.. From me? Mostly my last name?" he said, while Talia was crying in tears. "Will you marry me." he said.

"Yes! yes yes yes yes! a million times yes!" she said, and Anthony picked her up and swung her around, she put the ring on her finger, and she was so excited. I couldn't believe it, I remember who she was now! Shes that girl that went to elementry school with Tori and Jessie before, but went to different highschool then them, Jessie hated her so much for dating Jessie's huge crush she had in grade 5 since grade 8, I mean whenever Talia would brag about her and him together, Jessie would act like she wouldn't care, but deep down, she would be like "Fuck you fuck you, you're a bitch! you're a whore! no one likes you! Fuck you, fuck you!!" and like Talia knew how much Jessie loved that guy, how I knew was because, Jessie was also my best friend too.. Yeah, Jessie had alot of guy friends, so did Tori, well she was with Zayn in highschool, until Perrie would take him away, and that one time when Zayn had to graduate, he didn't even say bye or talk to Tori, like ever, and Tori was in highschool with Jessie, Niall, and Rachel.. Well she hated Rachel, remember? But grew to become friends with her.

"lets go." Niall whispered, while Talia and Anthony were making out on the bed, we secretly went out the house, and ran to our car, and drove off. "I knew he would do something like that!! Ugh!" Niall said in such full anger.

"Hes just a jerk." I replied.. "You know what, lets just go get some Nandos, and hopefully Tori would find out, we'll just ruin Anthonys little plan before he pulls one on Tori, we're just gonna have to ruin the date tonight, I just don't know how to prove it to Tori." I said, but Niall gave me a smirk. "What?" I asked.

"I recorded it, them with their kissing noises, their convo, the proposel, and more kissing noises.. so tonight, we can come out of no where, and show it Tori." Niall smirked again.

"NICE ONE BRO!" I yelled, still driving to Nandos, and Niall was a bit happy, we arrived to Nandos and ordered food.

Tori's P.O.V

I was really excited for tonights date, I don't know where he'll take me, but I'm sure he'll take me somewhere special, I mean I trust Anthony, and I love him.. He's always in my heart, and I know he wont do anything bad to me, anyway, I heard that Jessie got out of the hospital, because of the hot male nurse over at the hospital, I asked him where would Jessie be because she never came last night.

"That curly haired boy took her." he replied, so I'm guessing it was Harry, I nodded my head, and I drove off to Harry's hotel. I went over to the lady who worked there.

"Hello, do you know where, One Direction are?" I asked.

"Oh, well there are seperate rooms, whom must you see?" she asked.

"Uh, Harry Styles?" I asked, she searched over to the computer.

"Ahh, here he is." she said, she gave me the room number and I nodded my head.

"Thank you" I smiled, and she nodded her head also, I went to the elevator, and arrived to his door, I knocked on it seeing Harry answering the door, eating a cupcake, and so is Jessie, and some girl.. WAIT RACHEL?? I barged in, and hugged her. "Heeeey girl!!!!" I said, and she laughed.

"What are you doing here?" Harry asked.

"What? can I not see my bestfriend since elementry school? The one who got out of the hospital?" I asked, and Harry shrugged his shoulders, he went over to the box of cupcakes, and took one for himself.

"Oh wait, what are my matters? Would you care for a cupcake?" he asked.

"No thanks, I'm fine" I shook my head, and he set them back down and shrugged his shoulders again, we continued talking for hours, then it was 6:30 pm, and I recieved a text from Anthony.

Anthony: Hey, where are you?? We have to go on our date babe:)

Me: Oh shit! Yeah I forgot! I was at Harry's hotel room with Jessie.

Anthony: Jessie's out of the hospital?

Me: Yeah, shes spending the night with Harry.

Anthony: Oh, okay, well I'll be waiting for you babe.:)

Me: Okay sweets.:)

After we stopped texting, and I looked up the Harry, Jessie and Rachel.

"I gotta go now, it was nice seeing you Rachel, bye Harry and Jessie, see you around." I smiled, and they all said bye to me, I walked out, and walked back to the flat, seeing Anthony all ready. "Sorry babe, let me just get ready first and we'll go, let me just take a quick shower." I said.

"It's fine, take your time babe." he smiled, and I nodded my head, I was walking to the bathroom, but then I forgot to get my slippers, so I walked back in the living room, but Anthony was sitting there not noticing me, and smiling at his phone, whats with him and that phone, he's always texting, and always smiling and laughing.. I just.. Eh, oh well, I walked back to the bathroom, and took a quick shower, after for about 15 minutes, I got out, put my robe on and my slippers and ran to mine and Anthonys room, I put on this cute purple dress, and these perfect black high heels, I added a dash of blush on my cheek, and pink lipstick, I put on mascara, and curled my hair, I walked back to the living room, seeing Anthony standing up and whistled at me. "You look like a babe!" he said, while his eyes were popped up, and I blushed.

Liam's P.O.V

I took Danielle to a random club, and we were having a blast, she pulled me to the dance floor, and was dancing on me, everyone noticed us, and was crowding around us, since Danielle is a good dancer and all, everyones eyes were on her, we started to dance around, and got a couple of shots, and continued dancing, Danielle was complete wasted.

"You go Liam! You go." she said, sounding like some retard, and we both laughed, I pulled her closer, and I head on to her waist, while her arms were around my neck, we caught up to the moment, until she ruined it. "I need to pee." she said, and I laughed at how she said it, I let her go, and she walked off, I was sitting on the table, drinking some drinks, it was 10 minutes later, and she was taking too long, so I was walking pass by the ladies room, until I see these two couples making out, I cleared my throat, seeing Danielle pulling away from this guy.

"Danielle?" I said, in such a shocked way.

"Li-Liam" she said.

"Why would you?" I asked, and my eyes were filled with tears.

"No Liam wait!" she said, chasing after me, but I still ran away from her, I went to some place, where it was empty and everything, well not full empty, there was a couple of books around me, I guess it was some old Library or something, I sat down and just, started to think for a bit. How could Danielle do this to me? Sure shes drunk? But she wasn't full drunk at all, like shes drunk, but she can control it, My phone buzzed off, it was a text from someone.

Unknown: Liam!! I used someones phone, because I don't have mine, but I'm really sorry!!

Me: Whos phone is that? The guy you kissed?

Unknown: Liam stop this! I love you! It was by accitend.

Me: Sure it was, don't talk to me? I mean you didn't even bother to call? Just text? Thats nice.

Unknown: Liam I'm sorry! :(

Me: Whatever, leave me alone.

After that she stopped bothering me, I continued to cry even more, I mean I've been with Danielle for 3 years, how can she do this to me?

A/N: Hey, sorry I haven't updated in such a long time, My computer wouldn't let me go on Movellas for some strange reason, I mean like I tried to go on, but it would just freeze up and say "This website is not working, please try again later." so like, I hope you're not mad, hope you liked it. Thanks for reading, it means alot. :))

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