A Cinderella story; Once upon a freak.

A girl named Jessie goes to school, and everyone would pick on her, the only person who makes it worse is Harry Styles, yes him, she doesn't like him at all, he would pick on her, he's humiliates her infront of everyone, he steals her diary and reads it infront of everyone, most likely hes a nightmare to her, but there was a halloween party in school, where everyone dresses up to in costumes, but theres these two girls Carla and Nicolette who hates Jessie so much, they plan to not want her to go, they humiliated her infront of everyone, and Jessie wouldn't want to go anywhere, but her new friend Rachel, decided to help her out, they went shopping and bought a halloween costume for both of them, they also bought a mask for Jessie, so Carla and Nicolette wont see her and humiliate her again, but the thing is, Harry falls for this girl, but doesn't know that shes actually Jessie, want to know the rest? You just have to read and find out.


3. Great.

Niall's P.O.V

So me and Tori were together outside her locker.

"So Um, Tori, yo-you know the halloween dance coming up next month?" I said.

"Yeah?" she smiled.

"We-well, would yo-" I was gonna finish until she intruped me by kissing my cheek.

"I'd love to go with you." she smiled, and I blushed a little, I than noticed Jessie coming in.

"oo, whats going on here?" Jessie smirked.

"Niall just asked me to the Halloween dance!" Tori smiled, and Jessie nodded her head, she pulled up her sleeve, and I noticed some scars and bruises there, I pulled Jessie into private.

"Whats this?" I asked, pulled her arm up.

"It's No-nothing." she panicked.

"No Jess, It's something, who did this? Was it Harry?" I asked.

"N-no!" she said, with pain in her eyes, Harry came in and noticed my holding up her arm.

"He-hey Niall." Harry said.

"Harry did you do this to poor Jess?" I asked.

"Niall, it wasn't him!" Jessie snapped at me, she let go of me, and ran off with tears, than Tori came up.

"Whats wrong with Jess?" she asked.

"well, Something or someone did something to her arm, and she wont tell me what happened." I said, and Tori nodded her head.

"I should go check up on her, and see if shes alright." Tori said, and I nodded my head, she walked off, and I was talking to Harry.

"Harry, shes just a girl, you gotta stop doing this to her." I said.

"Why wont you just let me be." he said.

"WHAT? LET YOU BE? POOR GIRL? Her mother passed away, after that her father left her alone, she has no one with her, everyone in this school thinks shes a freak, no one likes her, the only person whos there for her is Tori, and her Aunt." I snapped at him.

"and where is her Aunt than? why is she leaving Jessie alone?" Harry snapped back.


"We-well you don't know what she has done to me Niall, you don't know anything, you don't know why I do this to her, you don't know why I hit her, abuse her, humiliate her, you don't know anything, you don't know my pain, you don't know my heart, and how she broke it a few years back, okay?! OKAY!" Harry cried, but ran off, I just sat down and all this drama was just messed up, I don't know whats going on, what is Harry talking about, I was sitting down on the ground, until someone came up to me.

"Hello there." a boy said with a beanie and was wearing stripes, I know who that is, I jumped up in excitment.

"LOUIS!" I yelled in full happiness.

"NIALL!" he yelled back, and we both hugged, "Whatsup Mate? it's been so long." he said.

"Oh nothing." I sighed and looked down at the ground all upset.

"Theres something wrong." he said.

"Well, It's just Harry." I sighed again.

"And?" Louis asked.

"Well, you know how he hates Jessie, and he humiliates her infront of everyone and abuses her?" I asked.

"Yeah?" he replied, and I explained what happened and Louis just shook his head. "We need to figure how to get Harry not to be so mean to the poor girl, I mean I remember how me, Jess and Harry use to hangout and we were so friendly and nice to eachother, and somehow we just seemed so apart now." Lou said.

"Yeah, and Harry said that she broke his heart, what do you think he means by that?" I asked.

"I have no Idea. Should I talk to him, and see if he'll tell me?" Louis asked, and I nodded my head. "Okay, well I'll just have to visit Haz tonight, wanna go to starbucks and get something to drink?" he asked.

"Yeah, we shall!" I said, and we both laughed, we hopped onto Louis' car and drove off, after that we arrived to starbucks, than we noticed Jessie was sitting with Tori, so we decided to join them.

"Hey girls!" Louis smiled.

"Louis!" Jessie got up in full excitment.

"Jessie!" Louis smiled, and they both hugged. "I missed you Jess" Lou smiled.

"I missed you too Lou!" she smiled back, we ordered our drinks and had a few talks, but we didn't bother to ask about Harry at all, I don't think she would even want to think about him at all, I grabbed Tori to somewhere more private.

"Is she alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think I should sleep over to her house for a couple of night to make her company, I think shes been feeling a little bit lonely lately, and I think shes starting to cut herself also" Tori said.

"Yeah, you should! and make sure she doesn't try to cut herself, or harm herself in any way!" I said, and Tori nodded her head, we walked back to the table where Lou and Jess were and they see to have a blast talking to eachother, I really like seeing Jess smile again, I haven't seen her smile in for ages. OH SHIT, I FORGOT I STILL GOT SCHOOL! eh, I'll just cut for now, Jessie new about school but she doesn't want to go back there and see Harry's face, so I'll just hangout with her, Tori and Lou.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe I said that to Niall, now hes gonna start wondering what I meant by that, school wasn't over yet, and I haven't seen Niall, Tori or Jessie, I wonder what happened, was Jessie missing, I'm glad than, that bitch deserves to leave. I don't like her at all, I caught Nicolette starring at me, and she made a really weird face that creeped me out, so I just turned my head away. Her friend Carla, is trying to get on me, I mean literally, shes been flirting with me, trying to get me to fall for her, and atleast want to spend the night with her, what does she not understand, I do not like her! Shes just a wannabe.

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