Chance, Luck, Love

Spencer was a Directioner for life.
Until one day something happens that will make her something even more than that.
She and her best friends are going though some tough times, but they have to learn to cope.
Does her life get better? Can she help her friends? Will she ever meet her favorite band? And more importantly, will she meet her dream guy?


6. The Flight

Spencer's POV:


I shot straight up in my bed. UGH my stupid alarm clock was going off again. I thought I turned it off...

Whatever. I slammed my hand down on it until it stopped making that annoying sound. Then rolled over onto my side and glanced at the time casually. 11:15, oh, look at that, our flight leaves in 45 minutes. 

Wait.....oh god. "OH GOD WE HAVE TO LEAVE NOW?!?!?!?!?" I screamed to Mackenzie who was sleeping on the floor next to my bed, but I had completely forgot she was there so I almost landed on her when I scrambled out under my covers onto the floor. She sat up yawning "Wait....what are you talking about it's only thur...HOLY CRAP!!! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE LIKE...NOW!!!"  She suddenly realized that it was Saturday, the day we had to leave for London.

The past few days had just flown by, it was full of making phone calls, getting legal shit done, packing, stuff like that. So we didn't even realize that it was already the day to leave. We both immediately got like this, super adrenalin rush and we started running around like crazy, trying to get everything straightened out and stuffing some more things into our already overflowing suitcases. But finally we were dressed, I wore just a pair of my old gray camp sweatpants and a pink V-neck with my Uggs. Mackenzie had on leggings and also just a plain white tee with Uggs, and we both threw our hair up into high messy buns. We made sure we had our passports and our suitcase and carry on, and we sprinted out to the busy streets of Manhattan. I got a cab for us and we both climbed into the backseat. "To the airport, please!" Mackenzie said, and as she did she smiled at me. "Okay, miss." The cabbie replied with a slight Mexican accent. I gave her a big grin back. I was so syked  to be doing this, especially with one of my best friends in the whole world. 


Mackenzie's POV:

Once the taxi dropped us off at the airport, we split the fare, and jumped out of the cab and ran to the gates. We finally got into the airport and got our bags checked and all that shit and got onto the plane with five minutes to spare. "Phew!!" I said, relieved. We both couldn't believe that we actually made the plane. I took out my phone and Spencer and I took a funny picture of us and posted it on Instagram. My caption was about us going to London, and almost right away so many people commented stuff like "You guys are so lucky!" and "OMG I wish I could go with you!!". I smiled to myself a little bit. We were so lucky.

Then I noticed I had a new message, so I opened it and my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw who it was. Ezra. I took a deep breath and opened it. It said:

Hey Mackenzie. I just wanted to tell you that I missed you a lot when you were at Spencer's and I'm really going to miss you when you're in London. I hope we can work this out when you get back and I just want to let you know that I...

"Excuse me miss?" I jumped in my seat when I heard a squeaky voice in my ear. "We are leaving for take off in a moment, I'm going to need you to turn off your device." The flight attendant stared at me with a big, fake smile and rested her hand on my shoulder. I sneered at her and said okay quietly. I was kind of looking forward to finishing that text. She gave me another wide grin and walked off in her 5-inch heels that she was practically tripping over. Fake bitch. Telling me what to do. I guess I didn't stop glaring at her because Spencer tapped my shoulder and asked me what was wrong. "Nothing," I said "Nothing really..."




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