Chance, Luck, Love

Spencer was a Directioner for life.
Until one day something happens that will make her something even more than that.
She and her best friends are going though some tough times, but they have to learn to cope.
Does her life get better? Can she help her friends? Will she ever meet her favorite band? And more importantly, will she meet her dream guy?


4. Leaving

Spencer's POV:

I woke up the next morning with dried tears on my cheeks and around my eyes. My makeup was completely smudged and I was still wearing my clothes from yesterday. I sat up in my bed and checked my phone, and I had three new messages from Mackenzie. I looked at them. She said "Hey Spenc, I know it's early but I just want you to know that Ezra's moving out later today. We talked about us and what will happen and he said that he still wants to date me but he thinks you're too distracting. Idk how this will work, but he's going to leave for Chicago and we'll just be taking a break, and when he's over you...I'll move to Chicago to be with him. "

This can't be happening, Mackenzie might be moving to...Chicago??" But, I'm here. Her whole LIFE is here. I didn't want her to know I was kinds upset, so I just told her that I was happy for them and I hope they can work it out. Then I asked her if she wanted to go to the mall to pick out an outfit for the concert, if she's up for it.

While waiting for her reply, I got dressed into a pair of skinny jeans, a knit sweater with a loop scarf, and a pair of Uggs. I wiped off my old makeup and just did a quick smokey eye. Then I saw that Mackenzie had texted me back, saying that she had almost forgotten about the concert but she would love to go to the mall with me. I smiled softly to myself. I was going to help her forget about that douchebag for good. 

Mackenzies POV:

I was super excited to go to the mall with Spencer. She always knew how to cheer me up when I was upset. I texted Spencer back and told her I would be at her place right away. So I quickly threw on a flowy pink top and some leggings, and a pair of white converse high tops. I washed off my face. It was still all red from crying. I was too tired to put on makeup, so I just grabbed my bag and crept down the hallway, trying not to wake up Ezra. He was fast asleep on the couch, an afghan over his legs. His shirt was off, and I could see his abs. I sighed, remembering all the fun times we always had together. I almost started to cry again, so I got out of there as fast as I could.

When I got to Spencer's, she was already outside waiting for me. "Hey, hun!" I said to her, skipping over to where she was standing. She hugged me. "Hey." She seemed kind of upset. " you think I'm...mad at you or something?" I asked her. She looked down, digging her shoe into the moist, spring soil.  "Well, I guess. I mean, I just kind feel like this fault. That's why I was crying yesterday...I-" "Don't say that?!?!" I say to her. "It's not your fault at all. You can't help being so damn purty." I gave her another big hug and she giggled softly. "Okay, thanks. I just needed to hear that from someone. So, you ready to go?" "YES!!?!??! Let's go!!!" So we linked arms and stood on the curb and yelled for a taxi in unison. I just knew we were gonna have an amazing time together in London.

Ezra's POV:

*She was slapping me.

Repeatedly, over and over again.

But, I couldn't move. I was strapped to a chair in a dark room.

I couldn't make out anything around me besides the slender figure of the girl who was hitting me.

Every time her palm made contact with my cheek I winced. The slapping soon formed into punching.

I was about to pass out from the pain, but before everything went black, I caught a glimpse of the girl.


"GAAH!" I shot straight up on the lumpy sofa. I was shaking all over.

That dream was terrifying. I didn't know what it meant though. I didn't hear the usual rustle and bustle of Mackenzie in the kitchen, so I got worried. I stood up fast, maybe too fast, though. My head was spinning. I walked to the coffee table to find a note. It read;

Hi Ezra.

Went to the mall with Spenc.

Be back around 3.


I sucked in a bunch of air, and then slowly let it out. Wow, leaving for the whole day. So it's come to this.


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