Chance, Luck, Love

Spencer was a Directioner for life.
Until one day something happens that will make her something even more than that.
She and her best friends are going though some tough times, but they have to learn to cope.
Does her life get better? Can she help her friends? Will she ever meet her favorite band? And more importantly, will she meet her dream guy?


5. Calling Stacey

Spencer's POV:

Mackenzie and I picked out the perfect outfits for the concert.

I bought a navy blue blazer with a loose gray top with yellow pin stripes. I also bought a pair of white skinny jeans and some adorable oxfords. Mackenzie bought a mint colored square pleated shirt and a pair of coral capris. And she bought a fedora and some silver strappy sandals. We both bought a bunch of jewelry, perfume, makeup, stuff like that. I guess you could call it...comfort shopping.

Afterwards we went to the Starbucks in the mall and sat down with our drinks and talked for a long time, mostly about Ezra though. But then after a while I realized something.

"Omg...Mackenzie..." I said to her, "What??" She asked "What's wrong?" "We can visit Stacey, in London..." I said it very slowly, I couldn't even believe I forgot about Stacey. "Oh my god..." Mackenzie said, staring at me, blankly. Stacey was out other best friend. She had broken up the group when she moved to college in London. We only got to see her when she came back to NYC in the summer. I was so happy I could barely contain myself, I was almost as happy when I won those tickets. Mackenzie's blank expression quickly turned into a bright, teethy smile, and I'm sure mine did too. We silently screamed to ourselves, jumping up and down in the chairs, holding each other's hands. "Oh my god, we have to call her!!!" I said. "Okay, I will right now!!" Mackenzie said.

Now this trip was going to be even MORE amazing.


Stacey's POV:

", you're so amazing..." he said stroking my hair.

Wait...umm...who was this again??

Well I don't even know... but these college parties can get pretty crazy here in London.

It was only like...6 o'clock though...oh wow.

He kept kissing me and sucking my neck, and I was enjoying it I guess, until I felt my phone in my pocket buzzing. I quickly got up off the dirty couch and walked towards the door, swerving my way through crowds of people. I was so dizzy I could barely walk straight, and I felt like I was about to throw up. I kept bumping into people. I could hear the guy yelling my name but I didn't really care.

When I got in the hallway I answered the phone. "He..helloo...??" I giggled. I sound funny.

"OMG STACEY IT'S ME MACKENZIE GUESS WHAT!" She was talking too fast, I could barely understand anything. "Wait...wait...wahh...???' I slurred into the phone. "Umm...Stace...are drunk?" The girl on the other line said. What did she say her name was again, Ma...Margret...Maisie...?? "Ya, ya, no, ya, I don't know," I said. "Well whatever," she said "because Spencer won me and her TICKETS to come to LONDON and see ONE DIRECTION THIS WEEKEND!!!" I didn't quite understand what she said that time either, but she was really loud and sounded excited, so I cheered. "HOORAY!! Okay hun, so could you like, pick us up at the airport and show us around or something? That would be really fun, don't you think? And then we could find a hotel after." She said. "I...I..ya sure...that's-" "GREAT! We'll text you when we arrive in London this Friday. KAYLUVYABYE!!" She interrupted me, and then hung up.

Ok, that was kind of weird, so I stuffed my phone back into my pocket and staggered to the door.

But the last thing I remember seeing was that guy I was with when he opened the door to the dorm, and I passed out and fell into his arms.

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