You're tearing me apart

Rachael has always been bullied. Her dad died when she was little and her mom left them by themselves after the death. Her brother Adam supported her as much as he could, but Rachael really didnt like sharing with him. One day she couldnt take it anymore, she ran. What happens when she sees someone who she hasnt seen in years? What happens when five people all fall for her? *contains graphic sexual scenes*


9. Whos she?

Nialls POV

I stared in shock at the person i thought I would never see again. I was unable to move or talk, just stare. She was wearing a dirty faded white hoodie, and ripped black trackies. Her beautiful hair was up in a messy bun. I loved how unique her hair colour was, it was a mixture of golden, natural red, and light brown. Thoughts and memories raced through my mind of all the amazing and crazy times we've had together. Like when Greg, Adam, Adam and Gregs friend Brady, Rachael, and I made a human pyramid. It was the middle of summer, and we were on our deserted school field. Rachael, Greg, and I were on our hands and knees. While Adam and Brady were standing on our backs, but the wind picked up and they lost their balance, and came falling down. Causing everyone to roll around on the ground laughing our heads off. Suddenly I came out of my flashback, and back into reality. I knelt down beside her, and gently brushed the back of my hand over her cheek. "Rachael?" I asked softly, but her eyes stayed closed. "R-rachael?" I said a little louder with my voice cracking "Rachael gotta get up" but still, her face was emotionless. I looked up and I saw the airport security jogging over towards us. My eyes started to tear up as I looked back down at Rachael. Right now, I want nothing more then to see those big deep green eyes. I grabbed her hand and put it in between mine. The security picked her up and one of them said "son you're going to have to let go of her hand" in a deep voice. But I didn't let go, and I wasn't planning to anytime soon. Except Paul grabbed me, pulling me back. I tried to hold to keep my death grip on her hand, but he was stronger. I watched as they took her away, with Paul still holding my arm and felt the first tear make its way down my face. I quickly signed a few autographs and started to walk towards the van.


Harrys POV

I chuckled a bit as Liam and Louis were dancing around listening to Nobody compares, with Zayn lip syncing. The song then switched over to kiss you and I joined in. Just as the song switched over to heart attack, Niall walked in the door to our holiday house. We ran over and buried him in hugs. Zayn started singing to him, but all did was smile weakly. "whats wrong Ni?" I asked "n-nothing" he said and wiped his eyes. "C'mon Niall, you know you can tell us anything." Louis said supportivly. Niall just nodded his head and made his way to his room. We all looked at eachother a little confused and ran outside to catch Paul before he could leave. "PAUL, PAUL, PAUL, PAUL, PAUL!!!!!" Zayn yelled out trying to get Pauls attention. "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT, WHAT!!!" he asked a little annoyed. "whats up with Niall?" Liam asked "a girl got trampled at the airport from the fans and got knocked out, and I'm guessing he knew... well he did know her name" he told us. Poor Niall, he usually takes things pretty hard, so I can only imagine what hes feeling right now. But I can't help but wonder how he knows the girl. "So take care off him boys, he may want to go visit her" is all Paul said before leaving. We were all a little shock by the news. When we made our way back into the house, Liam said that he would go talk to him.

Nialls POV

Why didn't I ever go back to her? I know she had to move but I could've found her if I tried. I will never forgive myself if she doesn't make it. I lay down on my bed and begin to sob, not caring about my tears going all over the place. She was my best friend and was never rude or selfish, she always cared about me more then herself. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door and Liam slowly walking in. I buried my face in the blankets, "Hey Ni" he said, I could hear in his tone that he was worried about me, bur was also being supportive. I didn't respond so he walked over beside me bed and sat down on it. "Paul told us what happened......who, umm, who was the girl" He asked with a quiet voice.I stoped crying long enough to say "She was my best friend".

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