You're tearing me apart

Rachael has always been bullied. Her dad died when she was little and her mom left them by themselves after the death. Her brother Adam supported her as much as he could, but Rachael really didnt like sharing with him. One day she couldnt take it anymore, she ran. What happens when she sees someone who she hasnt seen in years? What happens when five people all fall for her? *contains graphic sexual scenes*


1. prolouge

Rachael had always been bullied. Her dad died when she was little and her mom was always traveling and barely ever came back to Ireland, forcing Rachael and Adam to move to a wrecked up old little town. Her brother tried his best to take care of her. She had medium golden hair and dark green eyes. Rachael was really shy and didn't trust easily. Life was once perfect, when she was younger. She had a best friend named Niall, and their parents were great friends. They were next door neighbors, She could tell him anything and everything. One day he left to audition for the x factor. He never came back, or texted, or called. Eventually, Rachael was sure that he forgot about her, but she could never forget about him. Ever. He was her life, she cried herself to sleep every night for years. Rachael had shut her brother out and was slowly just beginning to let him back in to her life. Most days Rachael just couldn't go to school, she couldn't take all of the bullying and teasing. She needed things to change, badly. She had a plan, but she wasn't sure if it would work.

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