You're tearing me apart

Rachael has always been bullied. Her dad died when she was little and her mom left them by themselves after the death. Her brother Adam supported her as much as he could, but Rachael really didnt like sharing with him. One day she couldnt take it anymore, she ran. What happens when she sees someone who she hasnt seen in years? What happens when five people all fall for her? *contains graphic sexual scenes*


5. I'm fine


I can just start to feel the sting as I try and stand up, but get pushed backed down. Very hardly. "Stay on the f*cking ground you slut!" one of them yelled at me. I tried to crawl away, but one of the bullies kicked me in the leg, in hurt so much that I flopped my stomach and started to whimper. Since I was so focused on my leg, I didn't notice a different guy jumping up and landing on my ankle, which of course had to be on the same leg as the one that was just kicked. I swear I heard my ankle snap. It hurt so much I just couldn't take it so I screamed in pain as tears were streaming down my face. I heard them laughing and I thought they were going to kick me again, but then I heard my brother yell my name. "hey guys lets get out of here" one of the guys said. Just as my brother reached me, the bullies were already twenty feet away. "Rachael are you ok?" he asked with a concerned tone. I looked at my brother, he looked blurry through my tears. "Rachael?!" he yelled. "I'm fine" I said my voice trembling. I tried to get up, but all I could do was yelp in pain

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