You're tearing me apart

Rachael has always been bullied. Her dad died when she was little and her mom left them by themselves after the death. Her brother Adam supported her as much as he could, but Rachael really didnt like sharing with him. One day she couldnt take it anymore, she ran. What happens when she sees someone who she hasnt seen in years? What happens when five people all fall for her? *contains graphic sexual scenes*


7. Foster parents

Adams POV

"oh" is all I said "yes well I believe that I'm going to have to call your parents" he said picking up the landline. Oh no this is bad. Up until now we have been able to hide the fact that we live by ourselves. What am I going to say? "What is your mothers number?" he asked me "I,I.. uhhh, umm..she,sh..she..." I always panic in situations like this "Me sister and I, live by ourselves. My mother left us and our father died" I said quickly and quietly. "What?!?! have you told anyone?!" he asked surprised "N,n..*sigh* no I haven't" I admitted shyly. He stared at me for a second, then sighed heavily got up and left the room, only saying "stay here, I'll be right back". As soon as he left, I popped my head out the of the door frame, and as soon as I saw the doctor turn the corner I ran down the opposite end of the hall. I quickly checked in each of the rooms, determined to find Rachael. At one point, a doctor saw what I was doing, and yelled out "Oi! What do you think you're doing?!" She started running after me, and started to catch up to me. I got very tired and made a sharp turn trying to get rid of her, but ended up tripping over a wheel chair. I tried to get to up swiftly, but caught my foot on the chair and fell back down. She grabbed me by the ear and started pulling me down the hallway. A nurse called a name which I assume is the name of the woman who is dragging me down the hall. She got distracted for not even a second, turning her head in the direction of the voice, and I took the advantage, pulling myself out of her grasp and running as fast as I could away from her. She tried to chase me again, but i easily out ran her. After checking every room that was open on the floor, I ran to the stairs as fast as I could to the next level. After about checking about 20 more rooms, I finally found her. I quickly ran to the side of the bed she was on and told her about what I had told the doctor. Her eyes grew wide with fear and her they started to tear up. "Rachael I'm sorry. Really I am, and I know how much that you wanted to avoid this day. But here it is, just remember that whatever happens, I'll be right beside you." She nodded and did her best to hide her face while hugging her knees, but had a little trouble since she had a big cast on her leg. I heard her start cry, so I took her hand in mine. Suddenly the same doctor who I had told everything to walked in the room with a not so amused look on his face. He gave me a quick glare then opened a folder and told us what is going to happen. "alright since I know have you both in the same room, I have some news" he said with a flat tone. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rachael come out her little hiding place, and look up at the doctor. "I have made a few phone calls and arranged a willing couple to be your foster parents" he continued. It hit me lick a ton of bricks, and I can only imagine what Rachael must be feeling. "You will move in with them tomorrow morning, oh and you can leave now" the doctor informs us, then leaves. I look over at Rachael, and she is staring out the window. I help her up off the bed, she grabs her crutches, and we leave the hospital

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