You're tearing me apart

Rachael has always been bullied. Her dad died when she was little and her mom left them by themselves after the death. Her brother Adam supported her as much as he could, but Rachael really didnt like sharing with him. One day she couldnt take it anymore, she ran. What happens when she sees someone who she hasnt seen in years? What happens when five people all fall for her? *contains graphic sexual scenes*


4. authors note

Hey cupcakes :) if you are reading this I just want to let you know how happy I am that you actually gave my movella a try, THANKS!! This is my first one so it may not be all greatest, if you think that I should keep going with this movella, could you comment please? It would mean the world to me :D Thanks ok bye I Love You!! <3 :D :D

Stay Brilliam

-Rachael :) <3

p.s. Could you also favourite and like? pretty please?

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