My Aunts Boyfriend.

I had to move with my aunt because my mom and dad were on vacation for two years.i hated her and she hated me. The biggest reason why i dont like her is because shes dating world wide super star harry styles. Oh yeah did i mention my aunts name is caroline flack?


6. What Just Happened?

Delilah's P.O.V

How could she say that. She should knows im sensitive about everything. I just need my mom to comfort me. I know it's only been a day but i miss her so much.

I heard a knock on my door.

"Um,can i come in?" It was harry.  "Uh,yeah let me just unlock it.." i got up from bed and walked towards the door to open it.

"So,what are you doing here?" i asked as i let him walk in. "Well im just sorry about what caroline told you back there. Don't listen to her. I think you're beautiful."  gosh he was making me blush now. "Um well thanks,i guess.." i said looking down. "Hey,how about me and you go out for dinner tomorrow." I looked up and met his eyes. "What will caroline say?" i asked. "Don't worry we broke up and she can't do anything about it." He was doing that cheeky smile. Ugh he was so adorable. "Well yeah,sure that sounds great!"  "Great well can i have you phone number?"  " Uh yeah,can you hand me your phone?" He got it out of his pocket and gave it to me. I started putting my number and put my contact name as 'Delilah.x(:' . I handed his phone back. "Well i guess i'll see you tomorrow?" he asked standing up,heading towards the door, "Yeah,definataly"  "Okay, bye Delilah" 

"Bye Harry" he closed the door and i heard him walking down the stairs already.

Wait what just happened? Oh my god. Im going on a date with Harry Styles tomorrow!! AHH!

Let's just see if caroline aproves to this..

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