My Aunts Boyfriend.

I had to move with my aunt because my mom and dad were on vacation for two years.i hated her and she hated me. The biggest reason why i dont like her is because shes dating world wide super star harry styles. Oh yeah did i mention my aunts name is caroline flack?


3. I couldnt believe..

I arrived at the airport and got my bags from the car. my mom helped me carry them.

"well honey this is it.." my mom looked like she was about to cry. i hated looking at her like this.My dad didnt come with us cause he was working. thats why they're finally going to have a vacation.

"oh mom please dont cry,im going to miss you." i hugged her and didnt want to let her go. 

"im going to miss you too! now please stay safe and obey caroline." she said. Sure obey caroline. whatever.

"yeah i will"

"next ride to london now boarding" i heard a woman say.

"well mom i have to go" i said letting go of the hug.

"well okay sweetie please call me and tell me how everything is okay?"

"okay mom i will bye.."

"bye sweet heart" she kissed me on the fore head and i went straight to the plane. i turned around and wanted to see her one last time.i waved and got in the plane.


i put the bags on top of my seat and sat back down by the window. I wanted to see the lights. i took out my ipod and earphones and started listening to "white horse" by taylor swift. i dont like her but i like some of her songs.

i soon ended falling into a deep sleep until someone beside me kept talking and laughing and couldnt let me sleep any longer so i decided to tell him to be quiet.

"im sorry but can you please keep it down im trying to sleep."

"oh im so sorry i'll keep it down" his voice sounded familiar. as soon as i saw his green eyes. i couldnt believe who was infront of me.


publishing next chapter tommorow. Please tell me if you like it.x (:

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