My Aunts Boyfriend.

I had to move with my aunt because my mom and dad were on vacation for two years.i hated her and she hated me. The biggest reason why i dont like her is because shes dating world wide super star harry styles. Oh yeah did i mention my aunts name is caroline flack?


5. Feeling's

Delilah's P.O.V.

"So umm,your her boyfriend?" "Yeah i am" ow. i think i just felt a pang of jelousy. Wait why would i be jelous? I just met the guy in person. But still i think i was sort of growing fellings for him. uh-oh.

"Okay so,can i come in?" "Oh yeah,of course." i stepped in and her house was huge! she had a beautiful living room and kitchen!

"Um where's Caroline?" i asked. "Right here." and caroline stepped in wearing the sluttiest dress on.Yuck. I can just puke. She looked at me with a disgusted face. I should be doing the same to her.

"Oh so your here already. Well your room is upstairs, second door on your left. Now leave i was getting back to something." after she said that,she started making out with harry. "OW. My eyes !" i yelled. " Well no one said to stay! I told you to leave!" "Psh. like i wanted to stay! Peace im out!" i grabbed my bags and left upstairs. 'hm second door on the left.' i said to myself. 'aa, here it is' I opened the door and wow just wow. My room was incredible. It had light purple walls,A flat screen t.v.,A balcony and a king size bed.

There were two doors. I opened the first one and it was a restroom. It had pink walls and a huge mirror. I checked the second one and it had a massive walking closet. I got to say, I quiet like my new room.

I started unpacking right away and put stuff where they belonged. When i finished, I plopped down on bed. I turned to my left and i noticed something shinning on the floor. I got up and walked towards it. I noticed what it was. It was my silver necklace that had a heart on it. My mom gave it to me when i was nine and i guess i had lost it here when i came the last time. I put it on and it was so beautiful.

I was going downstairs cause i got hungry. 

"I think that you were being quiet rude to her." "Why do you care she's pathetic!" "NO SHE'S NOT!" "How do you know you just met her!" "Maybe i did but i know she's not pathetic!"

" Excuse me!?" i said interrupting they're conversation. I dont like it how caroline always calls me names when i never did anything wrong to her from the start.

"You heard me!your pathetic and a piece of shit!" Oh she wants to go there? Fine bring it on.

"Says the old lady who uses guys for fame!"

"No i do not! I love him" she said looking at harry.

"Sure whatever!"

"You know,you're just jeleaous cause you will never be loved by anyone. Cause your just a Pathetic ugly whore!"

As she said those words i ran up crying to my room. She was right, I'm never going to be loved by anyone. I feel like im going to be living with cats when im older.

God i hate her. I wish i was just dead!


Harry's P.O.V.

"You know,you're just jeleaous cause you will never be loved by anyone. Cause your just a Pathetic ugly whore!"

She left up crying. I feel so bad i just want to comfort her.

"Caroline! Why do you have to be such a bitch!?"

"Don't worry about her she's just a cry baby." she said as she tried to kiss me.

"No caroline! I dont wan't to be with you anymore. It's over!" i yelled as i ran up to delilah's room.

"What do you mean we're over?" 

"As in done! I dont want you anymore!"

"Is it because of her!? What do you have feelings for her!?"

"Well, maybe i do!"


So what did you guys think? I hope you like it! Well im updating more soon. Please keep liking, Favoriting and Commenting They're my favorite!! LATERS! (: x

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