My Aunts Boyfriend.

I had to move with my aunt because my mom and dad were on vacation for two years.i hated her and she hated me. The biggest reason why i dont like her is because shes dating world wide super star harry styles. Oh yeah did i mention my aunts name is caroline flack?


4. Awkward..

Delilah's P.O.V.

"uhm..hi." i was really nervous i couldnt believe that it was him.he looks so gorgeous.

"Hi,im harry"  like i didnt know that. " yeah i know who you are". " really? are you a fan" " i love your songs so consider me as a fan." i could just stare at those eyes the whole time.

"well thats great!" "yeah i guess it is."  and with that he turned away. wow.

i turned my head and watched the view outside the window. it was really beautiful. i noticed that i was still tired so i drifted back to my sleep.


I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes. " uhm we landed already"  it was harry. " oh uh thanks for waking me up,i guess."  " no problem."  

i grabbed my bags and headed towards the airport. I noticed someone holding my last name in a piece of paper. ' Flores ' i walked towards the man that was holding it.

"are you delilah flores? " " yes,yes i am" "okay come with me."

i did as i was told and followed him outside the airport.

i walked out and whoa they had a limo waiting for me.

" uhm why do you guys have a limo? " " oh your aunt caroline is an introviewer and shes pretty rich." wow that brat is rich? 

" well hop in " he said. i got in and there was a plasma tv,and a mini refridgerator.

gosh she was rich. i cant even afford a limo.

****skip the limo ride****

i got out and knocked on flack's door. i took a view of her house while i was waiting and man. was her house big. i rang the door bell again. any slower old lady?

ugh finally the door swung open.

"uh so we meet again" what? what was harry doing here?

"oh harry,what are you doing here?" i asked. i was really confused. why would harry be in carolines house?

"oh im here for her boyfriend." Awkward..

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