My Aunts Boyfriend.

I had to move with my aunt because my mom and dad were on vacation for two years.i hated her and she hated me. The biggest reason why i dont like her is because shes dating world wide super star harry styles. Oh yeah did i mention my aunts name is caroline flack?


1. Packing

Delilah's P.O.V.

"But mom,i dont want to go live with that brat!"


"i said rat..yeah, i dont want to live with the rat that lives carolines house..yeah,"

"oh okay i thought you said something else,"

"what did you think i said?"

"i thought you said brat."

"No why would you think i said that. its ridiculous" i actually do mean that. I dont like caroline at all and she doesnt like me. Shes the first that started the hate.So im not the mean one here.

"anyways,go start packing your plane leaves at 10:30am tommorow!" she said pushing me into my room.

"okay,okay im gonna start to pack sheesh!"

i got all my clothes,my toothbrush and toothpaste,my charger,deorderant,and my favorite brush. once i finished packing i went straight to bed for the big day tommorow.


sorry for the short chapter its cause its late and i have school tommorow but do you guys like it?? im going to be updating every day if i can. Please favorite like and comment. Bye dont let the tv watch you.x (:

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