Forced to Love (Louis Tomlinson)

Melody lives in a place where she isn't allowed to make her own decisions. In the house, the men make all the decisions. Outside of the house, the government does everything. When melody turns 18, her father sends her to the city where the rulers assign her a husband. She doesn't want to marry but she has no choice. Louis, her soon to be husband will just be another pig like all men... Or will he?


2. New Couple

Louis' POV

I hate this place. I feel so bad for all the women. They don't deserve the way that they are treated. I'm always there to help my mum when shes beaten but now I'm forced to leave and leave her with my dad. The men here sicken me.vyea I'm a man but I don't believe in what we do. But I have to follow the rules.

I step onto the stage when my name is called. I give the girl an apologetic smile. I can see that she doesn't want to be here.

Out of all the girls I've seen today, I'm glad I get placed with her. She's.... Beautiful.

I hope she doesn't hate me as much as I expect her to.mi don't blame any woman for hating a man here. But I'm glad I get to save at least one girl somewhat from this hell.

The two of us are escorted off the stage and I can't help but stare into her eyes. I look nowhere else. I don't need to. Her eyes are so beautiful there's no need to look anywhere else.

We are put into a hotel suite and left alone. It's a honeymoon suite. All the newly weds get one until they're able to leave. She sits awkwardly on the bed waiting for me to break the silence. I sit on the floor infrint of her.

"look, I understand that you probably hate me and this situation were in but I completely agree this whole thing is stupid and I'm sorry that you get the bad end of it but since you are my.... Wife.... You have a say in what goes onat the house. We are equals." I say and she looks at me shocked and I stare into her eyes. "I'm Louis" I smile.

She returns the smile but it's obviously fake. "melody" she states.

"What a beautiful name" I continue looking in her eyes. Something about them... Captivates me.

"why do you keep looking at my eyes. Don't you guys only like looking at women's bodies?" I feel bad that that's all shes been around. I promise myself that I will protect her from the awful bastards in the world.

"I'm not like most men " I state simply and she nods. "I'm going to treat you like a woman should be treated."

Melody's POV

He was actually... Nice.

If I was going to be with anyone I'm glad it was him.

We took a couple hours just talking, getting to know each other. I was being talked to like I actually mattered. He actually listened to what I had to say.

"well be getting married tomorrow" he informs me. "and then well go home and our relationship will grow at your pace. We can be just friends and work our way up. It's whatever you want, I'll do whatever makes you happy"

I should be telling him this not the other way around but he's obviously different. I actually like him.

"you can decide" I say being the good girl I'm supposed to be.

"how about WE will decide TOGETHER" he says and I nod.

It was starting to get late I yawned. My eye lids were becoming heavier.

"lie down. I'll sleep on the floor" he says.

"no no no. You sleep here I'll get the floor." I protest.

"I can't do that to you" he says sincerely.

"then you sleep here too. Its big enough" I say. After all it was a king sized bed.

"alright" he agrees as he gets up, tucks me in and kisses me on the forehead he then proceeds in taking off his clothes until he's standing there in only his boxes. He was very toned. His abs.... Jeez. He quickly puts on a different shirt and gets on the other side.

"goodnight melody. Sweet dreams love"

"goodnight Louis"

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